WTF is the Military Analysis A B C Course?


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Mrs Capt sknn has been told she ought to go on a Military Analysis A B C Course. She's a Regular QA so she does not have to, but presure is there.

I've been asked to give spousal advice. I understand the meaning of both words - but put 'em together and I'm stumped. It was not mentioned on JCSC (TA) when I did it.
They are one-week course run at AECs around the world, three different modules (A, B and C) the subjects/titles change every few years. Now a requirement for promotion etc

Some more information:

and: OCD Stage 1.pdf

It is probably worth having a read through all of the ROCC/OCD info on the Army website:

They can be quite interesting, but it is dependent on the tutors (one mil and one civie from RMAS) and the location (AEC) and the other guys on the course.