WTF is happenig in UK ?

A disgrace. Why oh why no arrests?


Surely this happens a lot less now doesn't it? I thought the forces were starting to get greater support from the civilians.


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What these little bast@rds need is a good fuck1ng shoeing. Would they have done this if it was an infantry battalion in the barracks, knowing that there was a good chance the lads would have a go back? I think not. These little pukes should be bummed to death with a large stick of PE4. Tw@ts
Banning the wearing of uniforms "to protect service personnel"? Why not an armed escort to protect them?
Women must dress in an unfeminine manner ..... "cos there are rapists about.
Kids are kept indoors ... "cos there are nonces about.
Weren't kids being given bullet-proof vests?
People have to keep their valuables in safes and money-belts .... 'cos there are thieves and muggers.
We are searched at airports ..... 'cos there are terrorists.
We have to waste our lives on all manner of security devices and insurances.
The list is endless ........
......... and now this!

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