WTF is going on at Glasgow?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Oggy69, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. We've all heard our fair share of horror stories from the puzzle factory at Manning and Records but it seems to be going into meltdown at the minute! One Sqn I know of has been subjected to the following:

    A Sapper given 5 days notice of posting when he has a quarter, wife and child to attend to.

    A SSgt told he may be posted to X or Y, we're not sure yet but wait 3 months to confirm it so you miss the school application dates.

    Another Snco told he's posted in December, his replacement has been here 3 weeks already.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg for one Sqn so what's it like for the rest of the Corps?
  2. It ain't just your corps.......
  3. A mate of mine put down negative choice Germany, recieved an assignment order for the Fatherland and promptly signed off. When asked why he had signed off he asked "are you really that daft?"

    Another guy in my Sqn has spent over 13 months on tour in the last 2 years and got an assignment order to Chilwell to an STRE who are off to Afghan later this year. Of course MCM Div look at your nights out of bed etc when they post you!

    Elaine, the woman who deals with the technical roster is very hit and miss. Now that all of the courses finish at the same time I don't know how she is going to cope as she struggled when it was just one course finishing at a time.
  4. It is no different for blue bloods- same stories. It all depends how good the posting monkey is feeling and which darts he is using to throw at the board!
  5. At least you can communicate directly with the Monkey. 38 years old and I am not trusted with the task of taking control and managing my own career. A bit disappointing considering we are supposed to be one of the brightest Corps with some smart individuals throughout our ranks, yet we treat non blue bloods like children. It is one of the biggest bones of contention if you ever manage to see a roadshow, and as ever is pointedly ignored by Glasgow. Any person who dares to try it on with a phone call gets a rifting through the chain of command originating because a junior civil servant has been disturbed.
  6. Sapper145 - "It is one of the biggest bones of contention if you ever manage to see a roadshow, and as ever is pointedly ignored by Glasgow."

    Christ, the obnoxious creatures they send with that bloody waste of money - we all know why they have 'Roadshows', it's a good chance for a hosted piss up and a great supply line for Duty Free booze and fags just before christmas. Otherwise, can't think of a genuine reason for them occurring. Be assurred we are not the only recipients of bizarre career management and shocking promotion board results out of Glasgow - it is rampant all over the Army but the RE like to be the best at everything!!!
  7. What I enjoy about the roadshows is how you get an interview and then they just talk gobbledegook until you leave.

    Oh and no I wont be bothering anymore as its now a job and not a career so whats the point?
  8. I had an interview with the records bloke a few yrs ago. As a Cpl I duly sent off the qustions I wanted answers to a few weeks before. Day arrived and the list of interviews was published. Then all the WO's resorted the list so they were all in first and the rest of us scum were in the afternoon. I finaly got in at 1700, to be told that he didn't have my file on his laptop and could I resend my questions in 2 weeks as he was going on leave.
    My CoC did next to F all for me and didn't push the point.
    So from being top instr at my unit 1 year, to dropping 1/2 way down the pecking order the next year as I didn't have a badge on my arm similar to the new CO I finaly got posted after 6yrs in the job. Got to new unit, after 8 months got an CR from my new OC/CO and picked up straight away.

    That said I am having regular telephone chats with the CS there now and he is so helpfull it's u nbelievable. Even to the extent of calling me back when he has new info on my problems
  9. Great, next time you ring can you ask them about me, I'm a bitter, looked over fullscrew who cant/wont sneck and I'm wondering, is there still a chance for me?