I'm acting as DS on an Armd Inf Coy TEWT on tuesday, and have just received the orders extract. Part of the Co-ord Instrs says:

"Engr: Recce only with fwd Coys, FIST to fol A Coy"



Its def not that FIST.

The closest i can come up with is Fire Support Team, but that doesn't really make sense in the Engr section of orders?


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Fire Support Team seems more likley - but I've been out of the Inf for too long now....

Of course, it could involve something altogether more interesting, with libal use of KY and removal of wrist-watches :wink:


Just spent 5 years in close support cbt engr world with both Mech and Armd Bde BGs and have never come across the term before in a Sapper context.

Suggest you ask author to explain, and then share with us!!!
'FIST' is a US Army term (in addition to A_of_1's post above). It means 'FIre Support Team'. It is most definitely NOT an Engr grouping - it's mostly Gunners, Air and Avn blokes, ANGLICO etc etc.

For example, Appendix C to FM 17-97 contains the following extract:

Engineers cross LD following the FIST and conduct a detailed route reconnaissance of Route Cherry from SP to RP. Maneuver on Route Cherry approximately 500 meters rearward of scouts. Upon identification of enemy's main defensive belt, be prepared to assist scouts with obstacle reconnaissance.
Could it be that HVM_Boy's erstwhile Ex Author has been rooting through US doctrine? Shurely not...
Its a fairly extreme sexual practice. Dont forget to lube up.
Here you go me old sapper...


When you find the real meaning, be sure to enter it onto ARRSEpedia!!

(Don't's an internal ARRSE as well!)

from a website for military acronyms -

Acronym Meaning

FIST Fire Support Team
FIST Fleet Imagery Support/Satellite Terminal
FIST Fleet Intelligence Support Team
FIST Flexible Infrared Signature Tools (Techniques)
FIST FMS Initial Support Team
FIST Forward Integrated Support Team
FIST Fugitive Investigative Strike Team
FIST Full Crew Interactive Skills Trainer
FIST Full-Crew Integrated Trainer
FIST Fully Integrated Systems Test
FIST Future Integrated Soldier Technology (UK)
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