WTF is BT up to?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FNUSNU, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Wonder if anyone could shed anylight on this. My telephone is with Onetel and broadband is with Plusnet. (Boyth through a BT line). I recently moved house. It took around 3 weeks to get my phoneline sorted and I'm still waiting for my broadband. Each time it seems BT has been the problem it is them who had to change the phone and cancel my broadband and set up the new signal. BT said me they could give me a phoneline the same day and broadband within a week!! Could they be purposely be holding up the other companies using their lines to try and win new customers/ get them to come back?
  2. yep..tossers..screwed my broadband too when i moved
  3. When you complain/ring up to find out what's happening next, mention that you'll be complaining to Oftel (or is it Ofcom now?)afterward.

    My ex did this when she was changing over and it sped up the process no end.
  4. You definitely need to pass this to Oftel via your various service providers, get them in the loop as in theory they should have swing and influence with BT at a national account level.

    Make plain to your providers that you will move your business if they don't apply pressure on BT to deliver their service. You shouldn't be in the loop at all - you are the customer!

  5. Cheers fellas, thank god for local loop unbundeling, it's about time BT's broadband monopoly was ended.
  6. when you use another broadband provider (e.g wanadoo) they stipulate that it will take up to ten working days to "enable" your line for broadband, as they have to apply to BT.

    i called BT to on the tenth day to find that the (extremely simple, flick an electronic switch) job was scheduled for exactly ten working days from when it was applied for - even down to the time of 1430.

    i told the engineer that this was obviously so that BT would continue to receive my dial-up internet connection charges, for as long as possible before i went to broadband, and to discourage people from taking their business elsewhere. he refused to comment :)
  7. On a slight tangent, I wanted broadband in chez-lard. BT says no. This is despite the main trunk for my area passing within a foot of
    my property and even a spur off to it! The problem is I live in a small -ish village and they don't think that there will be sufficent take-up to make it worth their while. Dozy b@stards
  8. BT are W@@*kers. They cut our line saying the bill was unpaid, We had it in black and white from the bank that they had cashed the cheque!!!!
  9. I used to live in a tiny Village called Nomansland in the New Forest. BT swore the speed my BB was coming down the line was 2.2MB.
    What a load of shite, My BB was as quick as dial-up.
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