WTF is all the V's For?

Notice on a few threads this morning, that a lot of members including MOD RSS all have V from V for vendetta as an avatar, some along side their normal pic. Whats all that about then?



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I too seem to acquired one, and I certainly didn't put it up there.
You have normal avatar appearing here. Have you been hacked?
No sign here
I think Sinner251 may have a problem.

Well apart from the obvious of course it also appears he may have been electronically infected.
Not visable here, but I'm using IE6 (I think) on NavyStar network.

Sinner this time next week.
Weird, Opera & IE fine, It was only pale Moon. Uninstalled it, deleted all associated little files it left behind and run Avast and then Microsoft security and nothing showing.

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