Wtf is a "Septic"?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, May 16, 2004.

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  1. This is intended to be a humorous topic so have at it, me, and your dear old mum if you like.
    Also, anybody got a good link for devining destinctive Brit words? Obviously I could use it.

    "Septic" means or may mean ________________________________.
  2. Cockney rhyming slang,

    Septic Tank = Yank
  3. I can see this thread moving soon...
  4. And you all smell of turd! :D
  5. you do know what it means you burried headed numpty.
    what colour is the sky in your world?????????

    tool, can't swear too much as some of my favorite words are usefull........unlike you, ya used jam rag
  6. [​IMG]
    There, it may be working! You will notice my head has slipped downward ever so perceptively now that I have a clue about that word . . .
  7. GQ,
    you give the rest of us septics a bad name. You are a fecking tool and need to pi55 off. Your conspiracy theories and non-sense are as intellectually stimulating as pounding a 16" rail spike through my t0dger.

    Bugger off back to your single wide trailer and wallow in the filth of your ladyboy's arrse.
  8. What ctauch is trying to say is you are a cnut.
  9. I tried just calling them a cnut earlier and the flamming cnut didn't get it... :D
  10. It's 1861 all over again! :D
  11. now now chaps, cnuts are usefull.........................unlike GQ,
    hence the moniker used jam rag.
    to wit, used and useless
  12. It's insulting to cnuts everywhere.
  13. Thank you for that Most Illuminating reply.
  14. I can't be a smart cnut all the time you know, i do however speak for myself....
  15. Sorry, I just asked a bloke on the street. He said he was a cnut, and he wasn't insulted by being associated with GQ. Perhaps it's a conspiracy? Did GQ get to him first? Maybe... maybe it was GQ?? In the UK?? That would mean he holds a passport. Heaven help us.