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WTF is a .NetFramework????

Situation is this, I have downloaded a prog and it says I need to run or update my ".Netframework"

I have spent the last 40 odd minutes updating from the microsoft update thingymajig, and ive also gone into the add/remove program thing, and looked at the add/remove windows/microsoft bit etc etc.

I cannot find anything that mentions ".Netframework"

So what is it, where is it, and how do I run it or update it?

Many thanks for whoever knows wth this is.
It is not critical to have this installed on your PC.

NET Framework is an MS product a bit like JAVA and although some websites and applications require it, most do not. Yet.

It will not harm your PC in any way if you do download or update it cannot hurt to be future proof.

There is stacks of info if you Google
Done all that (searching etc), and also installed the above prior to posting, but this program is still asking for it, and yes I have rebooted etc.

Im just at a loss as to what else im missing, and just wondered if there is anywhere it would say it is on my PC and actually running!
Gren, I'm running Vista Ultimate and having checked, I can see I have Microsoft .NET V1.1 and V3.5 SP1 installed. It might be asking for a previous version which you haven't yet installed.

Most proggies that require it do tend to mention which version they actually require.
Gren it runs in the background when an application requires it.

If an application (Paint Net or Microsoft Mobile for example) will not open then you do not have it. If you do then everything will run just as it should.

What Operating System are you using? If you have Vista it comes "prepacked"

If you want to know where the file sits on your PC (and what version you have. 1.1 or 2.0 etc) type C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET into the run box.
And there are updates that might have to be installed. And service packs and updates for the service packs as well.

Check Windows Update.
I have done all the updates, critical and not, but it still keeps asking for the same thing, so I am now assuming its a glitch in the program.

Cheers anyway people.
mistersoft said:
Gren, what's the program? Post a link to it on here.

Clown porn doesn't offend me, honest!
Just a game mate, but it is looking more like a viral thing than an actual problem now.


Book Reviewer
Microsoft's .NET framework (pronounced 'dot net') is intended to be a common platform that will run code derived from many different computing languages. For example, you could write a program in Visual Basic or C++ and it'll run equally well on .NET.

It frees up developers from doing some of the more nerdy things required to get their application to perform at a reasonable speed. But as some programs are specifically written to run on .NET, they'll ask for it to be installed/upgraded if they detect it's missing.

Basically, you should be able to install/upgrade .NET and then forget about it. All sorts of whizzy things will happen in the background, but (in theory) they shouldn't affect what you see happening on the screen.

Gren said:
I have done all the updates, critical and not, but it still keeps asking for the same thing, so I am now assuming its a glitch in the program.

Cheers anyway people.
Gren, perhaps see if the game has an internet forum, and see if anybody has asked this problem over there - or possibly ask in their tech/troubleshooting part.

Although if it were me, and the game runs fine, I'd probably leave it.

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