WTF has happened to Blandford?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by slopey_shoulders, May 4, 2010.

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  1. ok after spending a few weeks down in blandford, i noticed that the sprogs are padding about in stable belts and lowa/altberg boots......

    now correct me if im wrong i was always under the impression that a phase 2 soldier in blandford had to wear the issue green belt and boots....

    this is not the case, so has a coup de etat taken place and a phase 2 is now running the place or has all discipline and standards of dress regulations been changed to allow the phase 2s to wear what they feel comfy in?

    oh before anyone replies,it wasnt just the "odd" one or two i saw infact quite the opposite..

    your thoughts and responses please!
  2. bovered!

    as long as the lads and lasses passing out can carry out their jobs to a suitable level who cares?

    times are hard atm! there is very little fun to be had in between tours! we need grown up responsable soldiers!

    does wearing issued boots make you more disciplined? does wearing lowa/ altberg booke make you an inferior soldier?

    i wish i had enough time to inspect and critisise phase 2 soldiers in my regiment and worry about it
  3. Isn't it good that the 'sprogs' have spent their cash on a stable belt? You have to wear one in your unit so why not in training. As for boots - as long as they are plain black and can be polished, who really gives a fcuk? Some people will whinge about anything these days.

    Look at that soldier over there - he's wearing lowas - scruffy cnut!!! :roll:
  4. what is the world coming to? comfortable soldiers? they'll be voting next! :x
  5. The only phase 2's allowed to wear stable belts are those on clearing week so they off to whichever unit they going to anyway the following week.
  6. Can't you get Altbergs / Lowas through the system? Certainly can at RMAS if you convince the Med Centre.
  7. You can get pretty much any boots through the med centre now. I know lads that have been allocated altbergs, lowas and even GSG 9's
  8. I haven't worn one for nigh on ten years!

    Editted to get rid of the embarassing typo
  9. But do you wear it during the day still :wink:
  10. Glad to. You're wrong.

    Sprogs are still wearing green belts and issue boots. If they're wearing different boots, it's on medical grounds.

    Any Siggie you spot wearing a stable belt is probably on a short course away from their unit, or a sprog that is clearing.
  11. Bugger...
  12. I wear issue belt and boots, does that make me a sprog?
    Result! I'm young again!!
  13. You clearly don't love the Corps enough!! Off with your head!! :wink:
  14. Not enough to spend £25 on a belt when the Army will give me one for free.
  15. Fcuk me!!! Where do you go shopping? Harrods???