WTF happened to the slanty eyed car dealer?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by soldier-w, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. She's only getting national coverage on the Dragons' Den.

    Does anyone want to take the Mong Safari to the Dragons? You've got as good a chance as Ling and I can see the Aussie going for a bit of 'Sport'! What about Walt Baiting on eBay as a going concern?
  2. Has anyone watched her preview of wednesday show!!!!!! :)
  3. Her perfec ingerwish is excellent!

    I thought her business was up and running already?
    I do hope nobody got a car from her.
    In her own words 'I am Ling Wah'

  4. She has a weird accent, sounds mixed with something other than Chinese and English.
  5. I have and with no probs at all.

    Do try to avoid her husband Jon though. Got a couple of "complete t0sser" emails of him when I started chasing delivery dates.

    She's very down to earth, he comes over as a car salesman that is desperately trying to be like her.

    Couldn't even be bothered to reply to her follow up questionnaire because of the content of the last email he sent me.

    In fairness,the brand spanker motor I got could NOT be found cheaper elsewhere and did eventually turn upon he delivery date.

    I would recommend lings wholeheartedly, just deal with her and not him.
  6. A good reason why ching chong chinamen and women should be kept in the service of serving chinkies and murdering their second born.

    Have you seen her rates on a second hand Mondeo??

    She has however been very quiet on here of late. In that repsect, it is a small mercy akin to JC walking on water.

    I wonder if her cunt is actually sideways? I did ask her but she never furnished me with an answer. Too busy tring to flog me a Nissan without a CD changer.
  7. I know, apparently mine had "full MP3 interchange".

    Turned out to be one of those "tape with a string for a CD/MP3 Player" things!
  8. Sperm perhaps
  9. It's Smoggie. (Middlesbrough).
  10. I seen that 'missile truck' on a field by the M62 motorway
  11. They are rather good with laundry you know.

  12. Just a reminder: BBC2 8 o'clock tonight Dragons' Den, featuring "Our Ling".
  13. Just viewed the preview.

    She looks like Thelma from Scooby do!

    Check out the 'I came to UK with nothing but perfect Chinglish'. :D
  14. Got to be worth watching, I reckon. Looks a hoot!
  15. .......... about five minutes.