WTF happened to Jenna!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Whilst purusing the various points of interest I happened to stumble across some new pictures of Jenna Jameson.
    I used to have her posters on the walls of my Barrack room & she was delish but WTF has she done to herself!
    Looks like she's gone all anorexic & had some plastic surgery done! And those norks....Looks like they've been deflated!!!
    I'm stunned.....
    So,as ARRSE has a support group of coneausueers of women, What are your views...???

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  2. Its a shame, she used to be a babe? Too much Plastic for my taste, it would be like shaggin' a dolly!

    Keep em natural (but bald of course)
  3. I think now she's married to one of those 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' types, so, by becomeing anorexic she's making herself a smaller taget for for that time when he comes in off the piss and she hasn't made him dinner.

    I'm more of a Heather Brooke man myself.
  4. Few bags of chips would soon sort her out. She's deffo wasted away though.
  5. looks like a blond posh spice
  6. Do you know sir, you could be right!
  7. I've never been into Jenna much, too much budget and acting for my liking.

    I've never seen her in a hotel room with 4 midgets, a cement mixer, dead rotweiller, nail gun and a shifty eastern european lurking in the background, shaking his fist.
  8. Give me Michelle Marsh over Jenna anyday.

    Jenna is looking far too skinny :(
  9. This tasty morsel is Jenna Jameson's replacement, as all true jenna fans know she spends more time now behind the camera than in front of it.
    The babe in question is Brea Bennett, and Jenna herself is promoting this babe to succeed her in the porno industry. Signed to Jenna's porn label, she will undoubtabley proove a big hit amongst the Porno fraternity.

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  10. As I mentioned on a previous post, Jenna seems to be undergoing a bit of a personal crisis - no doubt age-related as she's ' getting on in years' and no longer the draw in the ' adult film industry ' which grinds though ' fresh meat' very fast to prevent boredom.. Jenna's on the downside of the curve and finding it hard to adjust.

    Just had her flaps re-upholstered and is taking on the surgeon for doing a less than sterling job of it.

    Is having trouble negotiating the turning of her ' life story' into a mainstream film
    and is not in the running to ' play' herself in the biopic..producers want Scarlett Johansen for box office draw..

    must hurt the ego to find out that you're no longer able to pull the boys on the strength of your own rep or that the money boys think you can't ' act' - despite all the thrashing and moaning and gasping she's done over the years in her own ' productions' the backroom boys are obviously worried that she can't string more than a few groans together and won't be able to sell the story - [ then again, 'story' was never a big part of her oeuvre ]..

    Jenna like a lot of other women can't stand the strain of ' maturing ' and turned to plastic end the knife...

    sad, fragile creature.

    still, I'd give her a few, just to show that she hasn't been completely forgotten or replaced in the memory bank..

    now tell me more about this Brea person...
  11. I think a few naffie jock mince pies would sort her out
  12. Heather Brooke!

    You Sir, are a connoisseur. She is the porn star of champions!
  13. Prefer my missus as she’s all real.
  14. me to :)