WTF does Virgin Mary taste of anyway?

Two of them and five loaves?
A tuna flavour with a hint of lemongrass and pubic hair.
Smeg free.
Sugar and spice and all things nice (and fish). Oh, and possibly a soupcon of the olivewood, er, thing, that Joseph turned on his lathe for her.
This prompted complaints, including from Catholic groups, that it was an offensive reference to Jesus's mother.
Hang on, isn't this the crowd that eat the body & drink the blood of Christ?


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Virgin Mary has always been a Bloody Mary without Vodka.

Whilst I have no particular desire to give offence to anyone, including superstitious fantasists, I find their constant bleating offensive. This is free country, if you find something in Pret a Manky offensive exercise your freedom and do t go there.

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