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WTF Does this mean??

I was up at RAF Henlow today with a couple of other arrsers and we came upon this sign. Can anyone shed light on WTF a "passive drug dog is "?

Aggressive Dog:
Trained to scratch or bite toward the origin of the odor in cargo or baggage in a warehouse or at a seaport.

Passive Dog:
Trained to sit down when responding to the faint odor of drugs on body of passengers or in baggage.
Thanks for that then. I shall call them "Clinton" in future on account that they are not inhalers. And BTW Does an active Drug Dog wrap its lead aroung its leg and stick needles in?
Just last weekend after flying AirCRAB, 56 hours later than intended, we had a "random dog check". We did declare that none of us were smuggling dogs, but they still had to check anyway..... bizarre. ;)

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