WTF does a 4p jar of curry sauce taste like?

Did a search and couldn't see that anyone had noted this.

Tesco and Asda are having a bargain basement curry sauce p*ssing contest. Tesco started it with 4p tins. The Wal-Mart/ASDA empire struck back by reducing their 27p Smart Price offering to 4p as well.

Purely in the interests of research, and not because I am Norbert Colon, I tried the ASDA one last night. Almost exactly like the classic army recipe, but (obviously) without half a pound of mutton and a cup of sultanas. Not bad, really. Too mild, but well worth 4p.

I stuck in some garlic, black pepper, 200g natural yoghurt and a 35p tin of tuna and mixed it in to 500g of their 19p pasta. A massive feed for 60p.

[I know - soon I'll be collecting my bodily waste in jars].
My other half bought a shedload of those cheapo jars of curry sauce a few weeks ago and they're great. The asda ones are just like chipshop curry, although like gobbyidiot says, you need to add a little extra spice. Result!
I was quite pleased with the "Smart Price" natural yoghurt at 35p - a splodge helps the curry sauce enormously, but my presbyterian soul leapt with joy at the next turn of events. The price for my Spring Greens on the shelf was lower than they charged me so I thought, "56p? Better in my pocket than theirs". So I went to customer services and bloody hell, if they make a mistake not only do they give you the money back you get a £2 ASDA card as well. So not only did I walk out with a baby bergan full of cheap scoff, it cost me nothing.

Ah, life at the blunt end.
Anyone here remember when tescos where pushing out a tin of beans 1p, spaghetti 2p and a loaf of bread for 7p - I was a student in those days the savings helped immensely to the division of beer tokens. Which was £1 a pint if I recall. My god I feel old.
I remember reading at the time of the "Bean Wars" that you can't can water for less than 6p a tin, so yeah, as Jarrod says, it's one hell of a loss leader.

Should imagine that a glass jar is probably more expensive to make and fill than a tin.

I'm quite partial to ASDA's Smart Price chocolate mousses myself, 26p for 4 8)
Tax_Tw-t said:
I'm quite partial to ASDA's Smart Price chocolate mousses myself, 26p for 4 8)
Bloody hell - the answer to pay as you dine. You are an inspiration! :D

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