WTF did I see? Strange flying objects x 4.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 4-8-Alfa, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Time, Saturday night (14th) around 2200.

    Location, Basingstoke area.

    Conditions, Dry, good visibility, light wispy cloud – could see the stars.

    Me, perfectly sober.

    I’d nipped out for a smoke and was looking up into the night sky when I noticed a bright orange light, like a ball, in the sky and travelling at speed, and I mean significantly quick, from south to north (towards me). It then peeled of towards the east appeared to gain height, rapidly diminished in size and disappeared. There was no engine noise.

    We get quite a lot of aircraft movements over our way and it had none of the characteristics of a jet nor one of the many Chinooks that pass overhead.

    This happened 4 times, the last 3 also observed by my wife.

    Now I’m a UFO sceptic, but just what the hell did I see?
  2. Was there not some news about a satellite collision and re-entry recently?

  3. Mmmmmmm, smoke of what ?
  4. It could be possible HE117. As it burnt up and shrunk it size it would appear to move away from you since there are no point of reference in between to gauge distance. Bit of a stretch with this part, but could its moving to the east it it getting caught in winds/jet stream as it became lighter and not moving as fast as a meteor?

    Edited to fix mongness (twice)
  5. The gulfstream is an ocean current, I think you mean the jet stream, which in the Northern hemisphere moves East to West, not West to East.
  6. Just to qualify it a bit.

    The intervals were a couple of minutes. The objects were defiantly moving towards me and were clearly an object – not debris, I was smoking Mellow Virginia pipe tobacco and I’m not sure what HE117 is.
  7. Thanks for the correction :oops:
  8. ....not what - who :roll:

    and in this case me :D

  9. You didn't see anything, ok.

    Now look into this small red torch.........
  10. *Anorak on*

    The orbital plane of Iridium 33 (one of the sats involved in the collision) was over the UK at about that time on the 14th, and it was the ascending side of the orbit - meaning any debris would have been on a south to north trajectory. If the objects appeared to be moving across your field of view at about 4* the speed you'd expect to see a cruising airliner, I'd wager you were seeing debris from this satellite re-entering. Was there a trail behind the objects, looking like iron filings?

    The main body of the satellite was due to pass over at 21:25 and 23:06 on the pre-impact orbit, however by then the debris had stretched out along the orbit's entire length.

    *Anorak off*
  11. See what? And stop shining that bloody torch in my eyes.

    (but realy did see them)
  12. The objects were moving at around 3-4 times the speed of an airliner and I had thought about the satellite at the time but discounted it as there was no trail behind the object.
    The turn to the east, stbd, was disproportional in relation to the tightness of the turn and the apparent speed.
  13. So you're going to completely discount the evidence that cometcatcher has presented and conclude that it was a 'UFO'?

    I can see I'm going to need new batteries for my special torch. :roll:
  14. TLF

    Allow me to elucidate.

    1. I stated in my opening post I am a UFO sceptic (someone who doubts something is true).

    2. In my reply to cometcatcher I simply said that at the time of observation I discounted a satellite as there was no trail, which seems to be a prerequisite for debris re-entering earth’s atmosphere.

    3. I reiterated the turn as it was uncharacteristic of space debris.

    We on the same page with this?

    Can you get a diferent colour filter for your torch? :D