WTF At the Post Office

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by InspectorDiver, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Went into the local large Post Office earlier to hand in a Passport form.
    I was greeted by three grinning idiots asking what I wanted and how they could help me, a little taken a back I told them what I was there for, at this point one of the muppets leads me to a large flat screen computer that would have looked at home on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, he then programs in why I am there and I am given a ticket with number on it, and then another lady leads me to the seating area.

    All new comfortable seats, like being in Costa coffee and loads of people sat and standing waiting.

    Now I happened to notice that there were 5 empty windows (unstaffed) and 3 where the staff were just sat there waiting, while there was a massive queue.

    Seems that the "greeters" had been taken off counter duties and the 3 staff who were sat about doing nothing were only there to deal with Travel Money and Special Delivery. This pissed me off somewhat. If they had a simple system where people queue and you see the next person who is free it would be much quicker. Why does everything have to me made sexy and modern?
  2. You have a Post Office near you? Are you in the UK?
  3. Sarrfff Lundun, so not really the UK!
  4. My Bold - You're asking a lot of the post Office there arn't you!
  5. OK,you could send some of the counter jockies down here.Our local PO has been closed for several months.Seems that Mr Patel had some problems with his sums.And quite a lot of PO cash was resting in his private account.Ooops.
  6. Used a system in a PO a few months ago. You went in, pushed the screan, and depending what you wanted to do, depended on where you went.

    Didn't have anyone helping that I could see. But the ticket machine was placed right in front of the door, so it was hard to get a pram around, but you couldn't miss it!!!!

    Seemed to work ok, all but a few desks were manned. In fact there was a floorwalker, aiding people in the use of some fandangled computer, self service, postal machine.
  7. Maybe that is what will happen here once it's all bedded in, it's still new.
  8. post office? are you on the dole? :D
  9. My local Post Office is now a pub :)
  10. nice one,you can get more money out of the pub
  11. Yep my local Post Office has gone the same.
    It's a shit system, you have little old ladies getting all confused with the tickets. Someone who should be on the counter has to walk the floor and tell people how the system works.

    You can get more people in now and you have no idea how long you are going to wait.

    When you had a queue everybody could make a snap decision whether to wait or come back later.
    Fuck I'm getting old and my chance to skip the queue in the future has gone thats to this. Cheated out of something I had looked forward too. Next thing you won't be allowed in smelling of pish