WTF are wrong with people

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Wife got talking to an old fella today who was out walking a Greyhound turns out that he re-homed it at the request of the RSPA as he's been a Lurcher/Greyhound man all his days. Turns out the previous owners 9 year old kid had been smoking! and stubbing them out on the dog.
    WTF are the kids parents doing allowing this? doesn't bode well for the country if this is the standard of dross being raised today :evil:
  2. Poor dog, bet it looks like a dalmation now.

    Why the hell are people like this allowed to keep not only dogs but kids. One of my biggest hates is cruelty to animals.

    Words FKN FAIL ME. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

  3. Generaly they are feckless dross.......and as for boding well i believe its a little late for those born of the 90 as society will just continue to reflect the worst
  4. I get so angry when i hear about these things, im a big animal lover (yes not of that kind, behave :lol: ), but the real question to be asking here is what kind of parent allows their 9 year old child to smoke in the first place :evil:
  5. They should bring in The Animal rights Act, thought that was going through Parliament this year??

    I hate cruelty to aniamls aswell, these people should be locked up and the kids taken into care.
  6. The worst kind.....................CHAVS!!!!!!!!!
  7. Unfortunately animal cruelty legislation would do nothing as the 9 year old is below the age of criminal responsibility. And if it was given the smacked arse it deserves, that'd be illegal.

    IF the parents got dragged up in court, worst that would happen to them would be a ban from owning animals (which are rarely enforced).

    However, if the 9 year old scrote was smoking in a public place...
  8. Ooooo. makes my blood boil !!

    You would not believe some dogs that i get to see in my line of work (dog groomer- ffs don't laugh, it earns a crust). The anger and resentment that i had towards people that have abused dogs in one way or another was tremendous, and i believed that i had chosen the wrong career path.
    I now vet new customers very carefully before i will even accept them into my care, and any form of abuse is reported to either the RSPCA, or Defra.
    I can only applaud the people who are prepared to take on resuce animals. Unfortunately, there are too many abused animals then people who are prepared to take them on......
    I also ask the question (daily) : Why do people take on the huge responsibility of pet ownership, when they are obviously not going to give the animal the care that it deserves?

    And breathe out......
  9. No ashtrays?

    I'll get my ALF mask.....
  10. Firstly, well done the bloke for taking the dog and giving it the love and care it needs and deserves.

    Secondly, why wasn't the parents summons for not only allowing the child to smoke, but also for allowing the child to be cruel towards the dog? If the child is under the age of proscecution then surely the parents should be made responsible? And if not, why not? They could see the dog was in pain and distress but did nothing to help it, thereforth they should be summons on both counts.

    Thirdly, well i can't think of a thirdly except that words fail me and how i wish i could stub my fags out on those irresponsible morons. :x
  11. Lack of empathy. lack of moral sense and an inability to see beyond their own personal immediate gratification, 'cuz they'z 'intightult, like'.

    After that, posting grammatically incorrect thread titles. :D
  12. I bet the little chav b'stard didn't even use a cigarette holder or case...standards!

    As for the dog - I am less than surprised, when thousands of greyhounds are destroyed willy-nilly because they fail to make the grade in racing. Lovely dogs too...
  13. spot on ,there fantastic dogs and the way there treated when their racing days are over is shamefull, a few months ago there was a fair bit in the news about some twat in the NE who had killed thousands of them for a couple of quid a time.
  14. Umm.......Maybe they "said" the kid did it as they know that he cant get "done"???????????
  15. Burning someone like this cigarettes to see how much they enjoy it might be a suitable punishment...but in the case of the nine-year-old, someone probably already has. He didn't learn that trick from watching TV.

    Care for the kid, if he's not already too much of a little sociopath to be accommodated, and criminal negligence charges for his parents, at the very least?