WTB : CWC DIVER watch issued........................

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bb3188, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. preferrably RN or SBS......
    drop me a pm if your keen to let one go


  2. Buy one ****.
  3. hence my WTB ad.... ie WANTED TO BUY (WTB)
    ps.... I find your language offensive and disgusting...
  4. If you are wanting to buy an issued watch then you are asking someone to steal. I'm sorry you find my language offensive, what a ******* pity.
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  5. no worries pal... a simple "they are not available for sale to public" would suffice.........
    I guess we all handle ourselves in different ways......
  6. Err, no. War stock gets released as do used watches both working and not working. A recently issued one would probably be nicked though.

    Plus several thousands have probably been issued and written off during varios ops and sold privately.

    But I am grateful that you are the custodian of my tax money because you sound as honest as a catholic priest ;-)
  7. Like I said buy one not expect someone to sell an issued one.
  8. Aye, nor am i advocating buying stolen goods and I didn't read the ad' as him trying to blag one or entice someone to nick one myself. I just assumed he was appealing to anyone (previously serving maybe?) who had one and might want to sell it. Perhaps I'm just not as cynical as you - yet !

    There are plenty of watch dealers who do sell the older - issued at one time - watches. I bought my son a 1989 dated one that way and as a bit of a watch anorak have a 1983 dated CWC divers from another dealer. They also come up brandus newus in the box as war stock that has reached it's use by date (based on luminosity ?).
  9. with the greatest of respect, go away.... you obviously love the sound of you own voice and don't seem to have all the facts.... if you are looking for a cause, perhaps find something more noble like saving the whales...... seriously, please don't add you unwanted, vulgar and somewhat subjective opinion to this post....
    just in case your on the sauce..... here is another message.... PLEASE GO AWAY and stop replying to this thread...

  10. You asked someone to sell you an issued watch. Dirty receiver of stolen goods.
  11. Because a watch HAS been issued doesn't mean it's still on someone's ticket ............

    That's why there's surplus !

    Am I missing something obvious here ? I can't believe this (new) poster would come on here and openly try to get someone to sell something stolen. He did say "issued" and not "on issue" .........

    Jarrod, do you trawl eBay and write to everyone selling G10s and everything else surplus ? I think you've sprung to the wrong conclusion ...

    Bollox. I give up, I'll leave it to you two to bash it out.
  12. DB, that's just how I read it mate that he wanted someone to nick him a watch otherwise he'd have gone on ebay.
  13. I have a Casio that I got from Argos. It needs a new battery and the watch face replacing. Also the strap is gone. Is that what you wanted? PM me with bids of £400 or over please.
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  14. I see your point Jarrod. Fairy nuff.
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