Umm this one probably only of interest to a certain kind of nerd.

I'm looking for a WS19 preferably... Although a WS22 would do the job nicely also (or an '18 set but they're a bit rare).

Externally complete or close to, can be grubby or in need of restoration, no worries.

Internally... Needs nothing. Will be rigged to make it appear to be working comms as a display piece.

Tried the radio groups but most of the real radio nerds are (probably understandably) reluctant to see sets used for anything other than the purpose for which they were intended.
Hi Biscuits,

Have worked a 19 set (in the CCF a long time ago) and did you know that the 22 set had the following nemonic for the daily servicing:

Recently = Rotary
London = Low tension
Has = High tension 1
Had = High tension 2
Air = forget
Raids = forget
Now = forget
Diversion = forget
Are = forget
Made = forget
Covering = forget
Kent = Key

Ever seen the 12 & 107?
Ahh... No that's the sort of info you can only get first hand!

Never seen the 12 in the flesh, but my mate used to have a 107 when we were at school... God knows where he got it. It worked for years, but I seem to remember it dying eventually.
The T12 was a huge thing and probably produced more heat than output... Took loads of setting up and way back then (1960s I think) we were not allowed to act as a control station unless we had a wavemeter coz the master oscillator was 'approximately calibrated'.

It could however talk on voice all over the UK and if conditions (and the operator) were right lots further afield.

Probably would be illegal to operate today.
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