As an ex wrvs services welfare lady.....l visited soldiers in hospital as part of my job..
Served in Duisberg and Gutersloh ...and enjoyed it .
Thanks for the revival of the thread - can I add that you and your colleagues were occasionally underused, definitely under appreciated but a brilliant and often priceless asset.

Thanks for all you did.


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SSAFA, RBS and the WRVS all have these responsibilities. Ultimately, his unit have a 'duty of care' to him and he should have several visits a week from his parent unit under this duty. Also, they should arrange for all of his personal items to be brought to him!!!

Get his units number (Welfare officer, Padre or Duty (orderly) officer to deal with it).
I was voluntold for garrison patrol duty on a Saturday, the day after I'd moved into a pad. During the course of the day I visited the Families NAAFI at Schloß Neuhaus two or three times. As we knocked.off, the radio squawked, we were summoned back and learned that Katrice Lee (daughter of a colleague had gone missing from said NAAFI. (I didn't know who it was at the time. She's still missing.)

Next day I resumed moving kit out of private hire (thanks for the help, Second Troop. Thanks for nothing for the duty, SSM). And took ill. Blue lighted to the hospital close to camp. Kept in most of the week.

Zero Alpha kept visiting. She dropped into camp to check the mail. Squadron Orderly Sergeant greeted her with, "Hello Mrs Alien, shall I send someone down to the tank park to get your husband?"

"He isn't down the tank park, he's..."

"Oh of course, he'll be out scouring Nordrhein-Westfalen for Katrice like the rest of the regiment."

I'm not convinced 15/19H (outside of my troop) ever realised I spent a week in hospital.

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