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  1. I had a soldier admitted to my civvy ward last night, straight from an event away from barracks. (Can't be too specific - confidentiality and all.)

    So he arrives on our ward with bugger all in the way of kit - no spare clothes, no toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, comb, etc. Everything's in his locker at barracks, but his key is on the ward.

    I see him on my ward round this morning, ensure he's OK, offer to phone his unit, etc. When I find out he's got no kit, I recalled the WRVS were supposed to visit soldiers in hospital and offer essential supplies.

    After my ward round I wandered over to the WVRS shop. Three of the old dears there knew nothing of this role and thought I was confusing them with the British Legion. The manageress appeared, and she acknowledged this was part of the WRVS remit, but not the shops'; it was down to some other, nebulous WRVS department.

    Anyway, my chap was sorted out by the ward staff for his essentials. But does anyone know who in the WRVS to contact in future, if contacting the WRVS (as I did) was insufficient? I ask because we are in a heavily militarily-populated area with a lot of local units and a couple of large barracks nearby. This will undoubtedly happen again.

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. SSAFA, RBS and the WRVS all have these responsibilities. Ultimately, his unit have a 'duty of care' to him and he should have several visits a week from his parent unit under this duty. Also, they should arrange for all of his personal items to be brought to him!!!

    Get his units number (Welfare officer, Padre or Duty (orderly) officer to deal with it).
  3. Each unit usually has a WRVS place, with a WRVS lady attached. I have never heard of this being a role of the WRVS, but maybe I'm used to Military Hospitals and MDHU's. Were we would have welfare officers who would fill that role. I'm sure that it is part of the duty officers role to visit his sick and wounded whilst in hospital.

    Hope this helps

  4. DMWS(Def Medical Wefare Svc) are very active in this sort of area in Germany and on Ops. They are controlled fom G1 Medical Br UKSC(G) at JHQ.
  5. Leave it........... Do the MAO(CH) still exist?

    They too could ignore this chap!

  6. DMWS have Welfare Officers in each MDHU as well. They are also deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Contact numbers here. They will provide emergency overnight kit on request, They can visit civ hospitals; in NI, Cyprus and Germany call them direct. In UK, MAO(CH) should be first call, but they tend to be very busy and don't always get to visit quickly.

    If you like, pm me (in confidence), and I will get the nearest DMWS Welfare Officers to call you back.

    The primary source of support should be the patient's unit.

    Sluice-dweller is correct - WRVS have no remit for hospitals.
  7. Me n bee is absolutely right, ultimately the soldier's Unit (Commanding Officer) has responsibility for the management of Service personnel who are absent from military duty through sickness.

    The MAO(CH) has been replaced by the SO2 SAM (Sickness Absence Management). Whose tasks include supervision and administration of Service patients in hospitals or on sick leave. But it is up the Soldiers Unit to pass the soldier’s details to the appropriate SAM Team within 24 hours of notification of hospitalisation. I could go on but AGAI 99 refers.

    As an after thought I don't think MDHU's fall into the SAM remit as they are SUPPOSED to have their own support and welfare network.
  8. why worry about SAMs - DMWS are ON SITE!
  9. Thanks for that. The chap wasn't too bothered - he said his unit knew he was on our ward and didn't think I needed to phone anyone. As I said, the ward sorted him out for essentials. I suspect he'll be going home in a few days, but I wondered what to do next time...

  10. FF this chaps unit Orderly Officer of the day in his orders should check if any soldiers are bedded down and visit them on his/her tour of duty.
  11. I agree. This should be between the O/O and the Welfare Officer, with the Coy Comd peering over their shoulder to ensure that his soldier is being cared for.

  12. This is how it should be, but sadly many units just don't seem to bother these days. On the other hand some units are very good indeed at making sure soldiers are supported.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm glad this wasnt a thread on who was fiddled with by the old girl at Shornecliffe!
  14. Defence Welfare not WRVS fulfil this role.

    WRVS usually run the tea shop in the hospital and do the best toasted teacakes but take forever doing it!
  15. As said by a few others if you have anyone else come in just phone his Units guardroom and if out of hours the ROS(Regimental Orderly Sergeant) or ROO (orderly Officer) will deal with it or contact welfare officer. Have had a couple of cases like this as ROS and either nip down to hospital to see what they need or get there mates to bring wish list. Good of you to care :D