WRP can the Battalions really cope in three months

Discussion in 'REME' started by tiller-block-tommy, May 30, 2006.

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  1. As a vet of past and present WRP, i have to ask the question. Having been on the last WRP are we trying to complete a task in three months that used to take six. Even all the pie charts and graphs in the corps cannot make that work.

    We ran our solodiers into the ground ( VM'S ) for 3 months whilst other trades were away adventure training, and justifying their exsistance sitting in offices creating **** jobs for those soldiers already overstreached.

    Sorry for the rant, but my point is, if there is a job to do take the trades to do it , not those who need the LOA and LSSA to pay for their lifestyle, or need a break from the wife. WRP can work if managed right by the Battalion.
  2. Been there done that. WRP does work when all the sh1t that goes with it is taken away. VM's should be left to crack on on the shop floor and not do all the crap that goes with a Bn. PT - my arrse. Do they want WRP finished on time or do they want to mess people about in the gym for 2 mornings a week.

    When the Bn's come clean about this lean bollo**s things might change. Someone certainly made a name for themselves by introducing this fantastic new concept called lean lines. Total bollo**s. Lean is a lie. Those who think its the way ahead are in cloud coockoo land. The stores system cannot provide the right service for lean to work and the bosses still believe that admin and PT is more important than getting the job done.

    We managed to finish WRP in the mid 90's having worked well hard when we had to and having some Adv Trg went we could. The bosses showed commitment to the workers by letting them have time for Adv Trg in the middle of the WRP and it paid off. The guys saw the trust and worked that bit harder to get it finished knowing that messing about was kept to a minimum.

    From what i have seen and heard of the super dooper WRP /lean lines over the last 3 years its all smoke and mirrors. Never mind, some officers have managed to get promotion out of it, and thats what really counts.
  3. DEME (A) needs to look at this, we were in the same boat as you, more time filling in flow charts, takt boards, collecting data, sweeping up for visits and to keep the f**king no jobbers (RS) awake , throwing granades and shooting GPMG on the weekends in minus 25 snow.

    All the no jobbers took their eye of the real task, when LEAN or SPLEAN ( thats lean with spec repair added on ) had to be carried out. As long as the equipment kept green on the takt boards they were happy, the only reason it stayed green was the only soldiers on the shop floor were class 3 or very inexperienced class2 who did not know what they were looking for.

    Then it was off the line and classed as a pass, oh sorry all takt complete, WRONG IT HAS TO PASS AN MEI YET, so you have not completed the task, not untill the 932 is written as Fully Fit, then the task is complete.

    Can the k**b heads at the top not realise we as a corps have been doing this for years, and its has worked, so what ever name you call it , LEAN, TOTAL QUALITY, ETC ETC. we are required to repair equipment, and we ( the lower end of the food chain ) know how to do it. let us get on with our job. Go and fill in pie charts somewhere else.
  4. LEAN ??? The biggest con since TOTAL QUALITY B-LLOCKS !!!

    I have just moved from a job where I WAS TASKED WITH SETTING UP & RUNNING A LEAN LINE . Within the first week it became clear to anyone with half an ounce of sense that it was never going to work & despite spending three hours explaining to OC why it wouldn't work, here we are 4 months down the line still bashing away at a process that is blatantly NOT a lean process but we are still pretending it is working........ and why because it's a career thing nobody in the food chain has the balls to stand up and say "Sir with all due respect ......you're talking sh 1 t !! "

    END OF RANT :x
  5. The RS should be sweeping up behind as you move TAKT, also delivering mail, collecting dirty covies and doing the NAAFI run for the workers.
    If not then report it and make it so!

    The class 1 on the line should be floating up and down the lines doing the quality control thing

    If the cl 1 tradesmen are doing the job properly (see above) then the 932 should be fully complete when the veh finishes its last TAKT, if not then its up to the quality control cell at the end of the line to "sweep up" all the odds and ends left over. The cl 1 then reports any points for action.

    Most corps people are missing the point with LEAN (as they probably would with any "new/redesigned" concept) dont fight it, get on with it, that is what you are paid for at the end of the day.
    If you were a decision maker then no doubt you would have been consulted in the process!
    Sorry if that hurts a little....not.
  6. Whats WRP?

    Its been a couple of years since demob.....
  7. The BATUS Winter Repair Programme: instead of asking for volunteers from across the Corps to work throughout the winter, the task is now given to a REME Bn.

  8. Perhaps if those at the lower end of the food chain or on the shopfloor were consulted a little more we wouldn't get landed with ludicrous concepts which sound terribly progressive but in actuality produce the square root of f all in the way of production !! The "leaders" are so pre-occupied with enhancing their CV for civvy street they have lost sight of the fact that we are here to fix kit & not trial the latest gucci concept in engineering practice !!
  9. I was personally involved with the trials of LEAN a few years ago and it was a blinding success.

    Perhaps it was because we didn't have dino's clogging the systems?
  10. From someone who took the money and ran in 1994 and a former vet of BATUS WRP I can honestly say that even the REME Bn structure has nothing whatsoever to do with LEAN or costsavings. Jobs for the boys in my view, nowhere near as effective as a motivated workforce on detachment.
    TB 8)
  11. Bad Manners I think you have hit the nail on the head....civvy firms have been doing Lean for years with great success. Now before everyone jumps on me with the "but we're not a civvy firm" crap amazingly I know that.
    The concept however can be transposed directly into our business...that of putting fir equipment back into the hands of the user.
    Lean can work/does work....yes it needs tweaking in areas, we are new at it and all need to learn.
  12. The REME Bn (or Company) should eat this task. The Roulement Wksp in NI used to be manned by Coys from REME Wksps (before Bns existed) and the timelines for the repair of EOD kit etc was almost immediate.

    In Bosnia in 1992/3/4 the REME Coy in the Koncar Factory carried out far more repairs than BATUS refurb (I worked in PP&C and had the statistics).

    In Kosovo in 1999 we were left alone and allowed to get on with the job without interference from the REME hierarchy and the OC (now CO * Bn REME) was totally work orientated and resisted all calls for implementing rubbish. (I was his 2IC and witnessed him keeping cr*p off the lads).

    In Germany the REME Bns adopt an attitude I have never seen before, whereby, in the submission of work from 1st line, the One Stop Shop first decide if the job HAS ANY TRAINING VALUE!!!!!!


    Wait till this attitude hits BATUS and 1st line units.

    CO to EME - 'Why have your LAD not worked on the 3 WR/CR2/AS90 that have been off the road for the last month?'

    EME to CO - 'Don't worry Colonel, we are waiting for another 9 to break down and then I will produce a LEAN line'

    Lucky thing that the RLC Chefs have not got the same 'TRAINING VALUE' ideals. 'Fried eggs and bacon have no training value'.

    YEAH RIGHT!!!!
  13. As I said earlier CO.
  14. CO, I believe the 'is there trianing value in this job' came from DEME, part of his 'marvelous' Eng Stnds. We are here to train for war and Ops, currency and competancy is the key!!! The fact that 19% of the corps are away on tour somewhere, at anyone time, by that virtue they are current and by his words and quotes very hardworking and competant.

    As for the LEAN thing, not experienced it meself, but with any of these working processes the store/supply chain have always let us down. Not with everyhing, but the peace time supply chain is fundamentally flawed. LEAN works for the civilian sector because they know exactly what they require, by when and they know it will be there and it is. Now the corps can turn spanners, we can find out what is required and by when 'they' want it, but the age and state and type of equipment vary, so from what is our requirment from the stores? If we can't give the stores exactly what we want, no wastage, what fighting chance do they have, they fail in some way of suppling and we then can't meet the rest of the goals.

    I believe that we have always had the capabilty to produce what ever is thrown at us, but always struggled because of, supply problems, to many meetings and the managment not really focussing on what is a priority, kit fixed or PT? Time and a place for all. There is nothing new in the way we are doing it, some places have got on and done 'it' quietly sometimes, for years with the right bosses. But we have to make a song and dance about it so people get noticed so that they can get promoted.

    As for the no jobbers, can't they fetch and carry, sweep up, operate a jib, demand stuff, drive the computer. What is the main effort? and find them something to do towards it.

  15. I'm sure they have; but civvy firms don't have PT ; Duties and all the other minotr irriatiobns that REME do !! In addition my "gang" ae all civvies so we have the continuity & years of experience .....it still doesn't work in our situation no materr how much we "just get on with it "" Another answer I AM SICK TO DEATH OF HEARING :::: I have "just been getting on with it" since 1977Civvy firms are far better resourced than us and far better managed from higher echelon !!

    How can one run a lean line when the supposed pre-positioned spares are all sent to Iraq ???

    Yes we make it work but it's NOT LEAN !!! Tweaking as you put it merely involves finding ways around it .....and that's what we've been doing since Christ was a crafty !!
    It's another cool buzzword / concept that will last about as long as DEME A is in post then like TQ etc will quietly disappear to make room for the next trendy concept !! LEAN IS DEAD LONG LIVE LEAN !!