Wronguns in the family

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Currently compiling my family tree for my little lad, half Pom/paddy (me) and seventh generation Aussie (the ex).

    Have somewhat mixed feelings to find a few of his ancestors did not come here of their own free will.

    Any other Arsers with a few glitches in the family tree?

    Ps Does anybody live near Ashton in Makerfield?

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  2. I used to know Ruth Ellis's daughter.
  3. Is this the NAAFFI? Good.... My greatgrandfather was killed in a death camp, he was pissed and fell off the guardtower.
  4. She may have been on Barrymore, I don't know, but she died of cancer.

    She was engaged to George Best and then later Richard Harris in her day. She eventually married a mate of mine.
  5. Apparently one of my Great Grandfathers wasn't born in Scotland before settling in Cardiff to work on the docks. According to a cousin who did some family tree research he'd fled Ireland under a cloud to Glasgow (again working on the docks), before heading south to sunnier climes.

    I've no idea what he'd done to bug out of Ireland. And I'm not sure whether I'm more ashamed that he did something wrong to warrent his running away, or the fact that he was Irish.
  6. Yeah, well. We all have our dark secrets, eh? F'rinstance my dad was born in Middlesex.
  7. I got my family tree as far aback as the 16th Century(1570), Staplehurst Kent, means Im a southern softy shandy drinker :/
  8. My Uncle Mick picked his nose and ate it once
  9. Ten minutes from Ashton in Makerfield.
  10. My mother is from Wales.

    *bursts out in tears*
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  11. Eh? Though you Ring Bolt Passengers regarded scruffy crims in your ancestry as a source of pride.
  12. I'm so sorry for you. Very brave, you're an inspiration to us all.
  13. Wow what a heavy burden you must shoulder with that news.
    I think it would be easier in my family to highlight who isnt a wrongun!
  14. By today's standards that doesn't necesarily make them bad people. Take a good look through one of my favourite websites: Old Bailey Online - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 - Central Criminal Court it's the old-time records of the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey. You'll soon find that people got transportation for all many of petty offences that would just get them a caution today. More serious offences would mostly get people hung, drawn & quartered, branded and even burned at the stake! (Sometimes).

    One aspect of these records that seems to jump out to me is that if someone's occupation is given as "gentleman" or something professional then they are far more likely to get a Not-Guilty verdict. So I thnk it's a safe bet that your ancestors were some sort of working class pessant commoner type. But not necessarily bad. Had they been "rotten to the core" evil types, it more likely they would have been hung instead.

    I hope this helps, but take a good look at the Old Bailey site as it's interesting in it's own right anyway.