Wrong sort of heat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiji_Bob, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Tubes not running today and why?

    Now we have the wrong sort of heat? oh who would have thought that metal gets hot if left out in the sun?

    nice work

    nice job, give then another PFI contract! :roll:

    Roll on the Olympics? 8O
  2. I say re-nationalise
  3. Yes, all the 'little red books' in the workers' pockets would surely inspire them to get over the problem of overheating. :roll: :D
  4. ...the idea being that State ownership should make it work in the interests of the people using it, not selfish shareholders who don't give a damn whether the trains run on time or the travelling public are happy with the service
  5. Don't stop there. Whilst we're at it how about a return of the 3 day week, power blackouts, mass union action, rubbish piling up on the streets.......

    Ahh the 70's and old Labour. Happy days.
  6. Happy days. When people had a better grasp on events unfolding around them, and they had the power to give a rough ride to the political establishment. It wouldn't happen now, not since Thatcher turned us all into individuals battling each other. How I miss those heady times and the joyful camararderie.
  7. I am aware of what re-nationalisation involves! and since when did state owned companies ever out-perform privately funded ones? Yes they may be reliable (in that, 'it'll be here eventually' sort of way), but privatisation allowed for greater competition and increased performance. Granted in this case, it seems like the metronet have dropped a complete clanger, and should be made to pay for their misdeeds!
  8. Those who bemoan nationalised industry should look at the record of South East Trains after the franchise was removed from Connex, but the minister would not let good performance get in the way of a nice juicy franchise and is handing this over soon. 8O

    Forget the workers struggle against their oppressors on the tube......

    Here is radical....How about some p*ss poor consortium doing the job they are paid for instead of lining their pockets and doing nothing

    The chief exec was just on TV whining they have had trouble accessing the track! 8O

    Well perhaps they should talk to the local graffiti artists? they seem to gain access without any problems and is not the tube closed overnight for maintenance? :?
  9. They're there to provide a service - not to line some tw@s pockets. I'd contest that performance overall, or more importantly, safety ever increased. How many other clangers have been dropped since the family silver got sold?
  10. I took the tube to and from work today. Result.......baking heat, late trains and filthy conditions.

    Get a grip, shareholders vote to oust the directors and their fat payouts that they don't work for. Let them travel on the chaos that they created and suffer like us lesser mortals.

    Bu@@er the senior directors with a bargepole. We pay for a lower standard each year. Come the revolution brothers and other communist cries.........etc.......

  11. I love the way that the govt thought privatisation would give a better service.

    I mean do they really think people turn up to a train station thinking that they want to get on such and such a companies train OR do they perhaps think that "I need to be at work for 9, this is the only train available".

    Kent train users pretty much only have the one choice anyway!! Im just glad I can run a car!
  12. Playing devils advocate here but it couldn't really get much worse than it was.

    Private rail companies are having to spend millions updating a dated rail system which has seen years of neglect by both Labour and Tory governments. Franky its all a bit embarrassing considering we are the worlds 4th richest country.

    Its the same with just about every other previously nationalised concern.

    The NHS is still mainly out of the private sector (not for want of trying by the current Labour government) and is likewise in a shambles, even with massive increase in funding over the last 9 years.

    But going back to what I said earlier, its all well and good getting all teary eyed for being a union man and standing tall with your comrades but the unions in the 70's completely fecked this country. Our lack of motor industry is as a result of strikes over things as petty as the type of biscuits served in the works canteen (I sh!t you not) in among the more serious gripes. And of course all the while the little red book carrying shop stewards were setting up their picket lines the rest of us poor saps were being caught in the middle. The 3 day week alone destroyed the livelihoods of many non-union people.

    Thankfully the unions aren't so petty these days (except the FBU of course) and seem mostly concerned with breaches of H&S etc rather than weather Bourbons will be available as of next week.