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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mac7778, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. I have been at my current rank for a while now, indeed my "effective date" was the 13 june 2006. Despite this i am still getting paid at my previous rank. After exactly a year had past i went up a pay level but this was still within the pay bands of my old rank.

    I have brought this to the attention of my MCM through my chain of command several times, the last of which was the 4 june this year. The most recent disscusion resulted in a promise that my issues would be rectified for my pay at the end of july along with the back pay for the 12 month period.

    Having seen my pay statement for this month i have to say with a big sigh that this has not been the case and i am still being paid at the wrong level.

    I dont really know what else i can do so i am asking for advice as to where i can go and if i can speak to someone directly :?: :?:

    Any advice would be greatly apprieciated as i really dont know where i can go to get this sorted.
  2. If your unit and the MCM Div have made all the relevant changes then you should get your backpay.

    When did they make the changes? If they did it say on the 18th or 19th July then it would've missed the pay run, and you would then get it in August.

    If they have done it before the main pay run in July, and it's showing on the system and you still haven't been paid then you should call the JPAC EC and have them raise an SR to the basic/specialist pay team.

    Hope this helps in some way?
  3. Phone the JPAC find out if it has been actioned, they may be able to tell you when you will receive your back pay.

    If this isn't forthcoming, request an interview with the CO. A formal interview. Gather all the evidence of the past year of fob offs and promises and take them too. Get the dates together, ie when you promoted and any courses needed to get promotion, etc.

    One year is taking the p1ss by anyones standards, and it should be brought to his attention.
  4. Sub or Acting?, the reason I ask is that acting can be done at unit level on JPA and sub rank must be done by your career manager (MCM Div).
  5. I have had exactly this problem, complicated with a posting to germany

    I have now been assured that all my backpay to january, my new rank pay and backdated LOA is corrected; will I receive the backpay and backdated LOA immediately, or will it be paid along with my normal pay at the end of the month?
  6. Chances are it will come at the end of the month. Probably not within your normal pay slip but as a sub pay slip to be paid the same day.
  7. Is there a way I can confirm on JPA I'm earning LOA, getting paid as a lance jack, and not paying food charges, without waiting til the end of the month? Some kind of daily pay summary or similar?
  8. Not what I was told-My unit put the forms in for my acting and had them returned with the message that it was MCM div responsibility. I am an officer, so it might be different from soldier pay-I was told mine needed to be processed by Officer Pay desk. This has been going on since march and I am gettng pissed off too!
  9. Acting Rank up to the rank of Maj can be done "in house" if a member of your clerical element has the career management function, there is a buisness process guide on JPA. Because yours is a legacy issue the clerks should be able to grant you acting rank from 010407 (roll out date), anything prior should go to MCM Div.

    Good Luck, PM me on Tuesday and if you want me to get you the link to the relevant BPG (Buisness Process Guide).
  10. My acting date was 26 march-pre JPA so hence the MCM involvement-and if you knew my MCM desk you'd dispair too....