Wrong NAAFI eejut - read the guidance

What as happened to the none profit making organisation, they can blag all they like about we are none profit making blah blah blah, However who are these spokespersons or managers? do they really think the forces community is so thick to believe the waffle.
The days of officers and SNCO´s shouting at there soldiers to run or to stop, basically not allowing the younger ranks to think for themselves and to that effect believing what they are told as long long long gone! To some respects to poor advantage (however thats another topic).
So NAAFI fall in behind the changes the forces are making and stop telling us waffle, just because you dominate the market!!!!!!
Has you have seen from the other posts people can buy there services elsewhere and still get the same deal.
All you can do these days is overpower everything in a bid to uphold your name, look what you did with pay as you dine, or More like save as you sarve. All this new image business fools no one.
The only service i use from you is to buy cigarettes and maybe the odd english pie but that is about it.
NAAFI if you want to retain the community you served so well with over the God knows many years you have operated, then stop your waffle, cut your prices in all services you exploit.

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