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Discussion in 'REME' started by cbcj3110, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. REME fellows please dont take this the wrong way BUT ive never worked with any REME members up till now. I was posted to Blandford to work on Bowman with a systems support team, the SST has a wide range of cap badges with some first class soldiers, that said there is this REME VM who is a complete arse with no IT or comms skills at all. Why has he been sent to do this job is your Corps just off loading there sh#t else where?.
    To make matters worse hes downgraded and cant deploy which means the remainder have to carry him.
    Im sure your Corps is full of excellent Tradesman and soldiers so why send this waster to represent your Corps.
  2. you expect the VM to have comms and IT skills, thats where the problem lies, he is a VM not a tech. what exactly is his job at the unit? is he part of the support team and expected to fix it and comms or is he there to work at trade as a VM? maybe he has been dropped in at the deep end and been posted out of trade. many soldiers dont have the luxuary of a choice in their postings. also there are many people downgraded across the army its not always a blag to get out of deployments. p.s no im not downgraded
  3. Blacktower thanks for your q.

    He is there to do Systems Support for Bowman nothing to do with the vechicles. That said i wouldnt trust him to first works a car let alone supply operational support to new comms equipment..
  4. The fact he doesnt have the skills required to do the job he is posted into isnt a surprise, is he able to learn on the job or is he expected to deliver from day one ?

    HOWEVER, what annoys the life out of me is that VMs are classified as an operational pinch point trade (definately B, not sure about A) so why isnt this bloke working at trade, and this job taken by a trade group that is "less undermanned"

    It doesnt matter if its a VM , tech or an RS bloke, if he hasnt got the skills it makes no difference who is sent, so send someone useful in the first place

    Some weirdos like IT and would gain useful experience for outside whilst being effective while in post.

    But the bottom line is if we have to lose someone we do sometimes send the "best man for the job" Sorry
  5. as common sense says, VM as a trade is undermanned so the fact that they have sent a VM to you for him to work out of trade is a bad thing. but i suppose its more a case of well he is due posting we will send him and no consideration into the fact that there are probably REME tradesmen more equipped to do the job, another good point he made is, had the VM been given a chance to learn the ropes of his new job or just expected to know what he is doing.
    i doubt he has been posted into this position thinking that he will be an ambassador for the REME, maybe he is just a complete technophobe!!!!
  6. Cbcj3110. Sounds like you might be prepared to act rather than just criticise. Are you in his CoC or can you get the ear of a reasonably senior REME in the area (AQMS/ASM – Capt/Maj)? If he is genuinely incapable of doing the job in a manner becoming his rank then he needs to be formally warned and, if he doesn’t improve, replaced. Short-term pain for the individual when/if he is moved but, you never know, he may be happier out of that particular environment. There is no ignominy in letting Glasgow know that they have made a wrong call.
  7. cbcj3110, a quick run down on your trade skills and a positive staement on why this bloke was posted in would help. Incidentally, if he's not employed as a VM what qualification do you have for saying he can't do his trade and incidentally could you?
  8. cbcj3110, perhaps your time would be better spent trying to sort this bloke out with the training and skills he, in your opinion, is lacking. Perhaps having the cahunas to speak to him face to face about it instead of coming on here slagging him off might actually benefit everyone in your SST.

    Perhaps the only IT skills the bloke has is to read this website, recognise you and then have a quiet word with you on Monday morning.
  9. My Bold & Red

    Why the feck should he be able to do 'the' job?
    From the information given above it's something he's not been trained on.
    How would you like it if you were thrown in at the deep end in a job you've not been trained for only to be formally warned when you can't do it?
  10. well said chubby brown

  11. REME do not cover comms to my experience. I transfered from RAC and boy that stood me in good sted. No phase 1 comms or anything the guys in the REME have to pick it up as they go along.... I shij you not. I myself was surprised. I love the REME and everybody has to be posted somewhere. Downgraded or not most are very good at their job. There are so few of us and lots of you to provide with equipment support. BE GRATEFULL YOU STILL GET ANYBODY that wants to look after`your kit.
  12. Just a little off topic with this one but I have been downgraded for the last 9 months, following a car crash, and have never felt that I have been carried. In fact I have pushed to go on excercise etc and know of many "able bodied" personnel that are a waste of skin.

    Branding people as usless because they have sustained an injury that requires long term care is plain ignorant and says more about you than it does me.

    Maybe next time you will think about how to interact with people instead of slagging people off because they dont have a skill that you possess.
  13. chubbs you hit the nail on the head there! having been in the REME now for 9 years i do not have any COMMS skills only locally run courses and what i picked up while bobbing along driving my sammy and sat drinking brews in the 24 tent with chat net goin mad in my ears. Now this VM should of been vetted prior to attachment to this SST you talk of and like he has been publicly talked about now on here i feel YOU should have the gonads to say "can i help you with any of this etc" So cbc you have ALOT of angry REME replying to this i hope the matter can be resolved with some common sense, if you havent got this ask the VM for some of his.. Blackhand, Trilux chewing Cellar dweller i am but Corps proud of it too! and NO i aint Downgraded either!!!
    (ps... OLDAGE i hope the car didnt wreck you totally, get well soon geeza!)
  14. If it will significantly increase the chances of blowing this guys anonymity please do not answer the next question:

    What rank is this guy?

    The reason I ask is that if he is a SSgt it is quite possible that he is an Artificer Vehicles in which case it is not uncommon to place him at a unit "out-of-trade" because by virtue of his training and selection he should be able to hold his own in the alien environment of BOWMAN SST.

    That said, there is a need for the receiving unit to allow him time to "bed in" as he is not a clairvoyant.

    On the other hand, if he is not a SNCO is is also possible that this guy has been selected because he may be of the BOWMAN Regimental Signals Instructor persuasion, in which case he will have been posted there to get some experience of issues / service trends of BOWMAN Installation and Platforms prior to him being loaded onto his course.

    Either way, BOWMAN is a new beast to REME and there are plenty of us who know only enough to fill a sand-fly's duffle bag about it.

    Instead of getting all arrsey about this guy knowing nothing about BOWMAN why don't you do the decent thing and use your knowledge to educate him. We call it Field Force Training, perhaps you call it, "Useless REME winker, what a waste of my time"
  15. Gents you have totally missed the point.
    What im asking is why do your records post in some one with no experiance,skills or knowledge of a job. Surely a tech trade would have a better background to do the job.
    Unfortunatly there is little or no time for on the job training due to exercises and ops.

    I have no personnel problem with this lad i feel hes been dropped in it by your records, and it doesnt look the best for your Corps.

    The other cap badges in the organisation seem to have got it correct, RAC,infantry,RLC,RA,RE,RM,etc so why not the REME.

    This is not a dig at you or your Corps just a question.