Wrong Boots

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DickLicker, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. I have an important question to ask; I'm unsure on how to wear these shoes, that my mother had bought for me. It was a gift for attempting to join the army. They look hideous and quite frankly I'd rather be raped by a badger than wear them.
    Do you girls have any idea on how I could wear them and not look like a faggot in front of my training staff? :kiss:
  2. Pictures would be helpful...
  3. Study 'The Wrong Trousers' with Wallace and Gromit to see how to deal with this, by the way I'm not a girly.
  4. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    Conventionally on the feet. Right shoe on the right foot, left shoe on the...oh you get the picture.
  5. Well I would want to show you the real thing but currently there's an inhuman amount of spunk covering it.
    cock-of-walk-boots.jpg here is them, I found them online
  6. its the army not issue not allowed perfect get out clause :)
  7. Only wear them in the privacy of your own room. Or mine.

    Joe the Badger.
  9. Sorry, but this forum is intended for questions about the British Army. For questions about the US 7th Cavalry, I'd suggest mil.com
  10. Put them on and put them behind your ears and you'll be just fine - by the way pics of you wearing just the boots would be more useful! :)

    Sensible answer: Keep them for fancy dress nights.
  11. Those sausage licking postal boys were looking for a good whipping when it came to asking a dear friend of mines overseas. I was just curious as to how to deal with the problem of the boots.
  12. You need some nice leather chaps to wear with those my friend.
  13. My round bellied mate round the corner from me suggested a leather thong. I was very distressed and had soon feared ejaculating in my best suit minutes later.
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  14. Take the sock puppets off, otherwise those boots will never fit.
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  15. Not the best, on the plus side you could join a Village People tribute band. Possibly named 'Village Prostitutes'?