Wrong bomb row over MoD payouts

British soldiers seriously injured in Iraq and Afghanistan are being denied government compensation because they were wounded by the 'wrong type of bomb'. The Ministry of Defence has refused payouts for injuries under its criminal injuries scheme that may have been caused by landmines left by the Soviet army in Afghanistan or other discarded ordnance.
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And how exactly are they telling the difference between a mine left behind and accidently rolled over, or a mine utilized by the enemy as an IED?

If this really is true, then it should be challenged on those grounds.


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Who is to say that some of the factions in stan don't have a supply of 70s and 80s vintage land mines still? They seemed to get most of their kit from the Soviets (except for some Stingers kindly donated by Unlce Sam).

“Yet the MoD's criminal injuries scheme has rejected a number of claims after their investigations indicated the explosives were deliberately planted by the enemy to target British troops”.

Seems strange that I can get criminal injury compensation if I’m blown up by a terrorist in the UK but not in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Shouldn't be criminal compensation anyway its a war zone.If your seriously injured MOD should be sorting out the cheque with minimal fuss
They should claim that their feelings have been hurt as well. job done.
by the sound they have take a leaf out of the rail ways book
sorry the train is late/ delayed /not running , due to it being the wrong type of leaf on the track
so do they have to make a claim to ( can they ?) the Soviets as it was there kit use or the US ?
I fail to see what difference it makes how someone was hurt. they were deployed, working for the MoD and got hurt. Pay up! done, next...

Seems if you want compensation from the army, best bet is to get your nuts chopped off in some dodgy clinic and get a boob job, then whinge about attending medicals in a skirt.

perhaps the legal types here can answer these questions:

Was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan illegal and therefore the planting of landmines by them a criminal act?

Is Afghanistan a signatory to the Ottawa Convention and therefore the existence of land mines on their soil a criminal matter?

Are the Taliban illegal combatants and therefore planting of landmines by them also a criminal act?

Has the United Kingdom declared war on the Taliban and if not can soldiers still be considered to be on war fighting operations against an enemy rather than countering criminals?


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