Wrong Body Arrives Home - Australia

Sad state of affairs. Not much else to say other than really sad. Not only has the poor widow got to have the distinction of her late husband being the first Aussie squaddie killed in Iraq. That he died because of a possible self inflicted injury. That they sent her the wrong body.

RIP Pvt Kovco, hope your wife gets some peace.
I was amazed to hear on the radio news today a cretinous spokesperson (I did not catch where from but I would guess Aussie Army) say

'The mistake will be rectified'.

It must be a big relief to Mrs Kovco to know that the mistake is to be rectified and not have to make do with the body supplied!
Says alot for the procedures involved that they can't send ONE body home correctly!!!!

Whose body did they send to her?

As stated, why aren't the RAAF flying him home?
chocolate_frog said:
Whose body did they send to her?
A civvie contractor. I'm not sure what country he was from.

chocolate_frog said:
As stated, why aren't the RAAF flying him home?
Like many responsibilites within the ADF, they are now being contracted out, usually to the lowest tenderer. :roll:
And that's the rub isn't it.

If you die in Iraq, you want your brothers in arms to bring you back (well the RAF will do).

Not some disinterested contractor on the dehoginmarised chicken supreme run, with a pilot who usually flys rubber dog poo out of Hong Kong.
Dead_Scans said:
I've heard a word round the camp fire from a mate who knows his platoon sargeant. Apparently 1 of his mates shot him. His guess was they were playing silly buggers and they fucked up.
Oh great. I'm sure the "I knew a bloke whose sister knows a bloke, etc,etc" is really helpful for the family. There is a formal investigation underway on the death. A seperate one on the error with the bodies (Blooody unforgivable) and an investigation into the flow of information breakdowns.

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