Written Proof of a Commission?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Rapier, May 9, 2008.

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  1. If a Commission is gained and then retired etc., what written confirmation of it's existence is available? Oh, and where from?

  2. Don't you get to keep the actual commission document then? Not sure about what happens now but warant officers and commissioned officers did get given the actual warrant/commission from the Queen.

    I don't think (but do not know as fact) that you was required to hand them back upon leaving.
  3. Try searching the London Gazette [Clickety].
    All commissions have to be 'gazetted'.
  4. What other letter from the Queen do you hang on your lavatory wall?
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I'm not sure if you hand your last one back but I do know that, upon converting my SSC commission, I was required to sign and return my old one and new one was issued dated from the beginning of the new commission which made it look I was a sprog again!

    I do not know how general a rule this is but it cannot always have been so since I have my grandfather's commission in my possession.
  6. We don't recall him ever being given a Commissioning letter/cert or whatever, on leaving RMAS and just want something in writting to say he actually served.

    (The he is my son, who now lives overseas).
  7. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    If I recall rightly, there was a period of hiatus in issuing them (they generally arrive many, many months after the event) during which the backlog became so great that a whole load of guys were told that they wouldn't get one - ever!
  8. Your son will certainly remember his regimental number. Write to the MOD (don't know which particular bit but you can google for the right bit to write to) with your son's details, regimental number and Sandhurst dates and mention that he never received his commissioning certificate and one should get sent out.
  9. The London Gazette now has an online search function. Enter his full name, start the search from the time he was commissioned and you should get the page up in front of you in a few seconds. Job done.

    His commission is probably in a similar situation as mine has been for the last 16 years- in a cardboard tube stuffed away somewhere in the parental home for "safekeeping". :D
  10. My ol' man certainly has his, it's hanging up in the hall.
  11. I know plenty of 'retired' who still have theirs.

    Never heard of handing one back unless leaving 'under a cloud'.
  12. What about TA officers? I never received a certificate either. I note all the advice about writing to the MoD etc., but was/is there a different procedure for the Territorial Army?
  13. That is absolutely fcuking disgraceful. I cant believe that.
  14. What he said. But the search function using names is hopeless. Better to enter his Army number where it says "keywords" and everything about him should come up.
  15. I also never received a commissioning certificate, and know for a fact that a mate of mine on the same TACC (053) didnt either. Nothing was ever mentioned about it and it was generally assumed that they were given for regular commissions only. I'm intrigued as I would very much like one if entitled.