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Writings from former soldier and vagrant!!!

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If you think this has no relevance you probably havent put your head abve the parapit yet.

You may well think its drivel, thats ok. But many others have had experience like this.

I truly hope you dont find this out first hand.

Stay safe
I get what you are saying and i like the way you have written it.

My advice would be hang around a bit, get to know some people shoot the sh** and people will have more time for your writings. At the moment it seems like an advertising campaign, why not head into the naafi and show your human side for a bit.

Dont get too pissed off when you get flamed, it happens to me too, im not as sharp as i used to be (the angry pills you see) its just par for the course. ride it out and have a laugh.
Ex soldier Eats too much w@nks way too much still but after years of liver damage in the naafi bar is way too scared to be found lying face down in his own crap and puke so he just ticks over till its time to bow out with severe piles or something outrageous. ( He rarely writes about himself...... unless he's " Chris I'd even suck your chod for money Ryan.)
Not open for further replies.

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