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Writing to my OC

Help needed please!

I am currently writing to my OC and have opened the letter with Dear Sir.

Now i understand that you finish a Dear ..... with Yours faithfully, but how do I finish the letter off. I am writing as a Private to my Company OC, should it be my name or rank and surname?

Help greatly appreciated :D

Fishsoxs :)
In defence writing, the formal letter is no more, so there is no longer a need to do the "I have the honour to be..." valediction.

It might be better to handwrite "Dear rank and name" and type the body of the letter. Sign off with handwritten "Yours sincerely" and sign your name and type your name and rank underneath.
Yes it looks more profesional the old way but it also shows that you are not current with defence writing.

Id check through your SSM / CSM which format you should use when writing to the OC.

I suppose it also depends on what rank you are and how much you can get away with.

Me I'd go for the new Defence Writing standard. If unsure check JSP 101
smudge67 said:
You don't start with "Dear Sir," just "Sir"

You also sign off with "Sir, your obedient servant"
Personally I would write Dear Sir. 'Sir' is too curt. You're writing a personal letter (ie from one person to another person). Do you think that your OC would appreciate it if you attracted his attention by saying 'Oy, Sir'? No, a simple 'Hello Sir' would be much better. This is a similar kind of thing IMO. JSP 101 is much less prescriptive these days. What is more, by personal preference, I would hand write letters of introduction. I think it says something like 'can be bothered' to the reader. Of course it does help if you have legible hand writing and can spell (personally, for an important letter, I get around the latter problem by creating the letter in MS Word first and then copying it by hand. A lot of effort? Yes, it is).
Last time I tried following JSP 101 (March this year) my letter to the Sqn OC was "previewed" by the Sqn admin staff, and was told that "there was no chance of that rubbish going to the OC" and that it would have to have the "proper format" e.g. Sir and your obediant servant, yada, yada, yada...
Why don't you send him a wee text. The CO gets lots of letters. Just phone his PA and ask for his mobile number. Most CO's prefer texts from their juniors.

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