Writing a letter to 'sugar daddy'

I'm currently struggling my way through writing a letter to the Colonel of my regiment, requesting his *express and godlike* permission to play Ice Hockey for a civvie team and an Army team in the south. Does anybody out there on the horizon have a clue what I should put in it?

IN light of our upcoming deployment to Afghanistan I would be greatful if I could take time from my paid employment to hone my skills in Ice hockey, as I feel sure that the Taleban will hear of our exploits and fear us. In light of the Army's present high tempo of operations i feel it is important that sport not be allowed to fall by the wayside, as it captures so much of what we, as the army, represent: those qualities of teamwork leadership and selfless commitment. It falls to me therefore to ask to play sport for a civilian team, a team from another unit, and leave all my colleagues to cover the gaps that my absence will create.

Yours aye, Jack.Bloggs.

p.s. If I will not be able to play high level competitive sport in Army time I would like my life back as that is exactly what I was promised in the careers office and I still havent been skydiving.
Very good. Ill insert a picture of my sweaty brown eye for good measure, just so he knows im doing some PT

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