Writing a letter to 'sugar daddy'

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by LondonTankie, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Evening,
    I'm currently struggling my way through writing a letter to the Colonel of my regiment, requesting his *express and godlike* permission to play Ice Hockey for a civvie team and an Army team in the south. Does anybody out there on the horizon have a clue what I should put in it?

  2. IN light of our upcoming deployment to Afghanistan I would be greatful if I could take time from my paid employment to hone my skills in Ice hockey, as I feel sure that the Taleban will hear of our exploits and fear us. In light of the Army's present high tempo of operations i feel it is important that sport not be allowed to fall by the wayside, as it captures so much of what we, as the army, represent: those qualities of teamwork leadership and selfless commitment. It falls to me therefore to ask to play sport for a civilian team, a team from another unit, and leave all my colleagues to cover the gaps that my absence will create.

    Yours aye, Jack.Bloggs.

    p.s. If I will not be able to play high level competitive sport in Army time I would like my life back as that is exactly what I was promised in the careers office and I still havent been skydiving.
  3. Very good. Ill insert a picture of my sweaty brown eye for good measure, just so he knows im doing some PT
  4. Why would you want to ask permission?

    Are you playing at God level?

    Or are you planning to ask for lots of time off??