Writing a letter to Lt. Col

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by soldierZ, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,
    I have to send a letter to my ACA who's a Lt. Col. Now since he's up in belfast(and im down south) should I put his rank on the envelope or just his name? is there a protocol for this sort of thing? I'm not in the army (yet).

  2. It used to be the case that all letters to mil pers at a civillian address in NI went addressed to MR so and so unless sent to a military address.
  3. Well this is going to the barracks, it's regarding an incident of some sort and I need it to go directly to him. basically I'm just wondering if putting his rank on an envelope and sending it up north, is it a good idea security wise or frowned upon?
  4. double envelope the document and put the rank on the inner envelope.
  5. The normal addressing method used to be
    Officer Commanding
    And then the unit name and address.
  6. Just address it to:

    Name of Barracks
    Rest of Address

    Use his name and title on the letter itself, not the envelope.
  7. Righto, cheers lads!
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  9. I didnt do anything. it's what I "allegedly" saw.

    not even in the army yet and im involved in this shite :roll:
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