Writer seeks RAMC members to help with research

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RobB, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a London-based writer and producer developing a drama for British TV about Army Medics in Afghanistan.

    I'm keen to talk to anyone who has served in Afghanistan with the RAMC: doctors, nurses and support staff. I'm particularly interested in those medics who have been called away from civilian medical careers to serve in Afghanistan.

    If you think you can help, it would be great to hear from you.

    Best wishes,

    Rob Bullock
    Hattrick Productions Lt.
  2. The Drama "WARRIORS" about the Cheshires in bosnia was a good piece of TV drama ( my opinion) which covered the build up to deployment, the tour and its events and most importantly the after effects that a conflict can have on the individual soldier. Some soldiers, If not all, are changed by what they see and have to do, many are then left on their own to deal with it. I hope that this will be reflected in your own drama.

    Please don't "hype" the drama into something that never was or would be. I personally think that the civilian population should be able to see the conditions that the British Army and other fighting forces have to work in. Maybe that would inspire a better picture as to what the proud British soldier is all about (but don't show the hotels that the RAF live in) standing by....

    I will look forward to seeing the drama on its release.

  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Please dont make it like that god awful excuse for a drama on Channel four a little while ago, which was so bad the name escapes me.. We are not psychos and mental cripples... well, most of us arent.

    Top tip for action though, base it on the IRT helicopter teams...
  4. My wife always says MASH was the most accurate representation of OpTelic 1
  5. I would echo what medman says above and add that I hope you are very careful about what you include. Remember that realisitc dramas can make people think ill of our armed forces uneccesarily (in a mark of cain stylee) which can fuel all sorts of silliness. Also, for crying out loud, get someone to shape the actors berets. Most squaddies would not be seen dead with a heli landing pad on their bonce which is the usual scenario when a soldier is represented dramatically on screen.
  6. Thank you Medders, chrisg46, jimbojetset, primroseandblue,

    Of the shows mentioned, MASH is the closest to my heart. Despite being a comedy, it made it's point well.

    I take your point about TV drama that gives a distorted picture of the military, both hyped and overly negative. That's why good research is so important, and why I posted on this site. I want to get it right.

    With that in mind you're going to have to help me with a few of your acronyms: OpTelic1? IRT?

    Anyway, is this the best way to make contact with army medics? i've tried going via the press office but this felt a more direct route.
  7. What did the press people have to say? I am sure they will provide plenty of assistance - it is in their best interests to have the army portrayed positivley. Problem is that these things can take time and we are busy people. I am sure you are after a balanced view of the party line and individual experiences.
  8. there doesn't appear to be a dedicated RAMC press office. the MOD press office have given me some leads, but as you say, you're busy people. i'll keep trying.
  9. Probably because there isn't a dedicated RAMC anymore....no doubt I'll get some shit for that one !!!
  10. You need to write to AMD (Media Ops) in Camberley - good luck
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The IRT are the heli teams that fly in to pick up the serious wounded. if you want a MASH analogy, i would guess the helicopters with the stretchers strapped to the skids would be a fair one.
    They are frequent targets for the Taliban, and are quite often known to fly into firefights to extract. Although i have no links, there have been numerous awards for gallantry and the like. IIRC somewhere on here is a thread with a link to a story about a female RAF medic on one of these. I think the Afghan ones fly in chinooks with a full med team, with an infantry protection team (last one i dont know for certain, i know they do in Iraq)

    If you need to ask what OpTelic1 is/was, you really need to start on your research....
  12. thanks chrisg46. fair enough point about OpTelic1, but I'm learning fast.

    and thanks top_soldier, i'll write to them. hopefully they'll open a few more doors for me.

    medman82, do you feel like elaborating on that?!

    I'm not a journalist, and I'm not looking to sensationalise the situation there. i'm just looking for people willing to share their personal experiences of deployment. i want to keep it, as they say, real...

    A doctor recently returned from Helman who I have been talking to was part of a forward care critical response team on those helicopters. each time the phone rang calling his team to a medivac mission briefing, he said the first thing he did was run to the loos to be sick. it was a rare insight into the extraordinary stress he had been working under.
  13. I have sent you a pm
  14. Check your PM's
  15. Rob B,

    How old are you? are you reasonably physically fit?