Write your orders for The Eviction at Dale Farm

Come on then Arm Chair generals.

Rather than waiting to see how they got it wrong start getting your ideas in now. You never know. One of the bosses involved could be an avid read of arrse:

Dale Farm travellers barricade themselves in ahead of tomorrow's eviction | Mail Online

Personally I would consider a throwing a feint by putting a few police carriers in the line of fire at the gate. I would use water cannons to clear an area on one of the weaker flanks to allow officers to breach the fence wall then get amongst it with mounted officers leading a charge into the compound. Shouting "FREEDOM" would be optional.

Any ideas?
Lay siege to the place with lads on a rest day less than 5, call up PSU tac advisors on the phone on their days off, get the serials laying siege to push Jody Mcintyre about, Push over a passing drunk, shoot to death a brazilian who got mistaken for a pikey, shoot some bloke with a chairleg wrapped in a tesco bag, make sure that acpo don't tell the press what happened or better yet lie, and get some coppers from Gwent to jump on the bonnet of an old fella's rangerover and kick the windscreen in.

That should get the Wail's attention for starters.
The RAF are still looking for stuff to justify their fast jets etc. Are there any decent 5 star hotels within striking distance of RAF Typhoon fighters?
A Send in the spastic special forces,


C Send in my mother in law

D I will show them my wookie arrse till they all boff up and clear off

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