Write up on the mental health of Veterans and people currently serving

Dear ARRSE members

Do you have any ideas on how mental health support could be better? Any good examples and bad examples or instances that made a difference? If so, please read on and give me your comments.

I’m Simon, I work for a mental health charity in Hertfordshire and I’m a civvy. My job is to get the views and ideas of people with mental health and drug and alcohol problems and use them to then improve services. I recently ran a group specifically with some people who are ex services and wrote a paper which outlines some of the issues they highlighted. I can then take this information and use it in the work we do so that we can help make support more accessible for people who are experiencing problems.
I know this is a problem that many of you will not have experienced personally but you may know other who have.
Some themes came through strongly. Solidarity, pride, the poor level of standards civvies have in comparison to those who have been in the services and the huge impact on people when they leave. I am looking for your ideas and comments, good and bad, so I can improve on what I have written. I can then post the paper again for you to look at so I know I have added your comments correctly.

I appreciate this subject is not one which some people would want to talk about on a forum so I am happy to take private messages and will ensure everything is anonymous. You can also check out who I am by seeing our website, www.hertsviewpoint.co.uk , I’m the ugly one on the far right.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your help and thanks to the admin for approving me to post to you.


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