Write a speech for Tony bLiar

A simple 'I'm sorry, - we should not have gone to war with Iraq.' would suffice for me!! :D
Here you go Tony try these as well! :lol:

I am the anti-christ, worship me.

I believe that personal freedom is an anachronism that we must legislate to prevent at all costs.

I believe at power is an end in itself and that anything is justified to retain it.

I believe that the Labour Party, and the country, are better off with a leader that that makes use of the psychology of the cult of personality, as opposed to policy, to attain votes.

I believe that it is perfectly acceptable for a Prime Minister to take freebies from the business community, after all what could they possibly be after.

I believe that there is no need for robustly manned, well equipped and motivated armed forces, after all the Americans will always protect us.
I would like to write tony's most popular and succinct speach ever "Gordon Brown, and Geoff The Loon are sacked. Oh and by the way I Resign!!" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Please try me for treason and stake me out on the Shaibah- Safwan highway until wild dogs have had their fill.

There that has a nice ring to it! :D
Rudolph_Hucker said:
A simple 'I'm sorry, - we should not have gone to war with Iraq.' would suffice for me!! :D
Plus "I know I f**cked up on that, so it would be better for all concerned if I resigned and gave anyone with a brain cell a chance to be PM!"
I'm just going outside , I may be some time.
"Goodbye cruel world, I have decided to end it all, and will commit seppuku on prime time television with a rusty pen knife dipped in dog poo!"
You're right, I am deluded and need to get my eyes tested. I woke up this morning and realised I had married a spine-chillingly ugly, pop-eyed, fat-arsed wide-mouthed frog. And I deserved to because I am the anti-christ. Pull the trigger and finish me off them exterminate my bloodline.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

P.S Yes, I really,really do despise Blair the cnunt.
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, remember my name because I am the one that turned Great Britain into a thirld world country, a country where political correctness, homosexuals, ethnic minorities and criminals count for more than the average bloke and blokette in the street.

I have more money and wealth than you, I am the leader.

I have allowed the proles and untermensch to use cannabis as a sop, next I will increase your dependancy on drugs by making crack legal.

You are there for my enjoyment and for me, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, to use as I will....
"I'm resigning, and so are Grasping Gordon, TCH, in fact all us cnuts are off, the Queen has asked the ARRSE party to form the next government"
Just say the word ma'am ,we remain your loyal and trusty servants

Yours aye


I do wish these headaches would stop ,but the dark thoughts therin are so delicious.

Scrumpy Jack - Breakfast of champions

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