wristlet badge of rank wanted

Discussion in 'RLC' started by mastergnr, May 31, 2007.

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  1. does anybody know where I can get hold of a brass Master Gunner 1st Class/ Conductor RLC rank badge for a wristlet?
  2. No sorry.

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  3. eBay?
  4. tried ebay..no joy...
  5. Tell me; were your eyes open or closed when you tried Ebay? :D

    Indeed, unless I am very much mistaken, and despite the 'RSM badge' description in the title, this is one:


    I don't know how much postage is from Hong Kong but, at £4.99, I doubt you'll find better (I'd replace the leather though). Now, about my finders fee...

    More info on Conductor badgery here:


    Yes, I am aware that I have made up the word 'badgery'.
  6. The one from Hong Kong looks exactly the same as the stabrite one we can get issued. Hence my question:

    does anybody know where I can get hold of a brass Master Gunner 1st Class/ Conductor RLC rank badge for a wristlet?

    thanks for everyone's help so far
  7. You're welcome. It's nice that having spent time and effort trying to help somebody out, they demonstrate such sound character qualities by ensuring that the tone of their response does not cause offense; and this is despite my advice having not been to the recipient’s satisfaction.

    I had assumed that you meant brass in colour rather than solid brass; this was not clear and you also assume that we all have prior knowledge of what badges Gnr WO1s are issued. Indeed, perhaps I could invite you to find your own way in future.
  8. I assume you have asked on the RA forum? Conductor is a senior appointment to Master Gunner; surely they have a different badge in any case?
  9. Points to note!

    This may have been a 'wah' before you reply...

  10. Tone of Response?? Pot? Kettle?
  11. OK, a couple of points if I may:

    1. He used smileys and irony in his reply unlike your curt, ungrateful responses.

    2. You have posted this request for help in the RLC Forum when you are actually after a Master Gunner's badge (try the RA forum maybe or even speak to others in your regiment). You have used the excuse that it is the same as a Conductor's badge, which I doubt (I am familiar with the Conductors badge and I believe it is only for them; all other WO1's wear the standard badge I think (?). This could be interpreted as an attempt to suggest that the two appointments are of equal status (which is not true).

    3. You have ignored any advice proferred in favour of a childish 'pot, kettle, black' approach. I suggest you return to your own forum or hope that the item 'drop-shorts' into your lap.

  12. According to dress regulations there is a difference between badges of rank for Conductors and Master Gunners.

    Royal Arms in wreath in scarlet circle - Worn by Conductors RLC
    Royal Arms with gunner cannon and motto - Master Gunner RA
  13. WO1 Master Gunners RA First Class used to wear the Royal Arms in Wreath above Gun, but then all First & Second Class Gunners were classed together when they appointed a 'Royal Artillery Warrant Officer' (Who I believe wears a copy of the RA Helmet Plate) then all WO1 Master Gunners RA wore the Royal Arms above Gun. Recent developments have seen the 'Master Gunner, School of Artillery' starting to wear the Royal Arms in Wreath above Gun again.

    I have not seen a brass 'Royal Arms in Wreath' for a long time, and not that many annodised ones like on eBay for that matter!
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    If you send me a staybrite example I can get them cast is brass, or gold for that matter if you are feeling flush.

    SQMS and SSM available in brass along with one piece dark brown leather wristlet with brass buckle and pig skin cover to rear. PM for details.

    Conductor in the pipeline.


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