wristlet badge of rank wanted

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mastergnr, May 31, 2007.

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  1. mastergnr

    mastergnr Old-Salt

    does anybody know where I can get hold of a brass Master Gunner 1st Class/ Conductor RLC rank badge for a wristlet?
  2. emptyeye

    emptyeye War Hero

    Try this guy

    John Bull
  3. mastergnr

    mastergnr Old-Salt

    many thanks..I've emailed to see if he can get one
  4. engee

    engee LE

  5. mastergnr

    mastergnr Old-Salt

    lol...nope...I'm based at Larkers
  6. andyd358

    andyd358 Clanker

  7. andyd358

    andyd358 Clanker

  8. OP_ACK

    OP_ACK Old-Salt


    This badge has been discussed before, I am pretty sure its a dud, and isn't the current Master Gunner Class 1 insignia.

    Of course I could be mistaken, and am very happy to stand corrected if I am!
  9. mastergnr

    mastergnr Old-Salt

    thanks again for your input guys. Managed to procure one.........at a car boot sale!!!

    BALDEAGLE Swinger

    Have you tryed Ebay I'm sure I seen one on there the other night Type in Regimental Sergeant Majors. :D