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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ain'tNoCracker!, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. Since i can remember i've always had a cheap wrist watch from argos which usually lasted about 2 months before needing replaced, i think its about time i shelled out some tokens and got a new shiny(ish) watch for general day to day use, i would quite like it to be waterproof for obvious reasons and to have glowy dials, etc.

    I quite liked the look of the "P 5900 Type 3" by Traser P 5900 Type 3 [T-P5900-3] - £80.99 : RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment but from the reviews i've read the P5900 is quite small, for most i would assume this isn't a problem but on my chunky wrists it would look like gash.

    I'm proper lost on what to get and where to look, i would really appreciate it if you fellas could point me in the right direction or give me a reccomendation....

  2. Sign one out the stores - give it back when it breaks/bty runs out.
  3. Try the search function for "watch", you'll find loads and loads of suggestions. I'll give it around 10 posts before the watches suggested start to run into 4 figures!

    It's easy, think about how much you want to spend, what you want the watch to do and then what's important? Does it have to look bling or do you want a name or do you not care about those things? I've got Breitlings, Tags, Omegas, and a Rolex or two, but you know, to work I alternate between my Seamaster GMT (around £1400) and my G-Shock (£65). Both do the same thing really. You pays your money you takes your choice!
  4. Search function has been spotty to say the least over the last few days!!
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  6. Ive got a Traser mate, no complaints. Decent looking watch, well made and been bashed all over the place and not a mark on it. Much better than my old G-shock which had a weakness where the strap meets the watch and constantly broke when pulling on my bergen.
  7. you cant go wrong with a suunto core for work and ops.
  8. Have a google for nite watches. Tritium lume like the trasers and just as tough but loads of styles. Sounds right up your street and will last forever and only cost a couple hundred!
  9. I find that not wearing one and relying on other mugs to keep track of time does two things:

    1. It saves me a shed load of cash
    2. I means I don't know that I'm late.................................... :eek:)