Wrist Watch Waterproof

i found this whilst looking for a classic time piece.


Does anyone possess a genuine WWW?

Ownership would certainly put a Chav's Tag (other disgusting brands are available) to shame.
I have a WWWR (wristwatch water resistant). The F-91W; watch of champions.


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I've got a Cyma GSTP which is pretty manly.

Wrist watches are for peasants.
Bought one of these for the pricey sum of £4 from play.com. Had to replace the buckle spigot with a strip of metal, but perfect for its job when I don't want to risk the good stuff getting damaged.
I got seen off to the tune of a quid over you for my original! Mine is like triggers broom - a number of new straps (ebay) and faces; but same watch!

Joshua Slocum

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those old watches are radioactive ! a local company to me used to make them, its been a real pain when carrying out demolition work as all the radioactive bits have to be sorted out
I have hear it makes you sterile ?

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