Wrinkel rates - brothel offers pensioner discounts

When you get to 65 you should be shot, not left to stink the place up. Libraries, post offices, Buses and Southport all stink of pi$$ and death.

Why should I have to queue up in a whorehouse behind someone with Alzheimer’s who can't remember if it's going up or down.

Old people make me sick.
Fucking typical, we get to work until were 70 so some piss stained old git can get his rocks off!

Justice maybe a seven letter word, but don't use it in front of my kids!
Civvy_Shot said:
Will a younger man equipped with a set of jump-leads be on standby?
Don't worry, I'll be there with a shotgun, to, erm, shock them with the big bang it'll make...

.. yes, the bang, thats it, thats the reason.

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