Wright murder inquiry under way

What another waste of Public funds!

King Rat gets slotted 3 times. He was only a nasty peice of work anyway!.

Prison Officers had voiced concerns previously about the security of King Rat and his merry band of followers in thier Maze block.

My view is, if this inquiry is trying to unearth collusion into the death, why waste your time. He and others like him were only a threat to the peace process.

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The only reason why this is being pushed forward is that King Rat's family are being so vocal. They are stating that because he was a threat to the peace process, he was removed by the British Government. Funny how it was INLA prisoners who slotted him. Prisoners who had planned the killing way in advance and had used the INLA system to smuggle the weapons into the Maze. Somehow I don't think INLA were prepared to collude with the British Government.

Billy Wright was a vicious thug, who was killed for directing terrorism from his prison cell. The only reason why he was in the Maze in the first place was that he caused so much crap in HMP Maghaberry, that the Prison Service transferred him to the Maze. The only place they had room for him and his merry band of LVF thugs was in the H Block which contained INLA prisoners. The only crime that the British Government are guilty of was allowing the Maze to be run as a terrorist holiday camp, instead of a proper prison.

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