Wretham Camp

Discussion in 'ACF' started by BevisRory, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. We're off there for our Annual Camp...

    Anybody give any info?

    Dorms, Naafi, TRG etc?
  2. Shudder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm there for annual this year aswell.

    What county/battallion are you?
  4. Wretham has a NAAFI bar when the civvies can be arsed to open it. Accommodation is basic, mostly old nissan huts with around ten to a hut. No lockers either, unless you are in a 3/4 man half hut. The food there is okay. Don't know about training as that's up to your lot!
  5. C Coy 1-8th Aug

    @Fallschirmjager, sounds great then :(

    Why can we never go anywhere good :(
  6. Hampshire?
  7. Quite a basic camp, Nissen huts and the like. Haven't been there for 11 years so can't comment on the food. The best thing about the place is the fact that you are right on the training area and STANTA is a pretty good area, not too hilly!
  8. Yeah, IOW.
  9. Food - BAD - last visit 2001 ish the kitchen staff were sacked due to bending a few food safety rules! revisitied in 2006 not much change.

    Accom - Fair to bad

    Local chicken battery provides delightful smell in addition to cadets when wind is blowing in the direction of camp

    Naffi - good enough, TV seating area and decent shop plus vending out of hours.

    trg area - very good.

    Local pub- closed some time ago
  10. Ahh cool.
    I'm Z Coy so im there 8th-15h :D
  11. yeah, the accomodation in shite in most of the blocks, the beer is over priced and the shop nearby does a very nice selection of cheap beer
  12. Are you badged AAC?
  13. Had to spend almost 2 months there on Pre deployment trg before Telic!

    As said, accomidation is BASIC.

    Naffi and training area quite good. STANTA should provide some different trg than the usual section attacks, just not sure how you could style a COIN exercise for cadets! :?

    No where local that I was able to find for a drink!

  14. Thetford was a two horse town until they shot one for entertainment! Just remember high 6!