wrestling name

King Kong Barbarian....ffs!
'Evil Apocalypse'

Fairy snuff.


Book Reviewer
Nasty Rock!

Welshy53 said:
Mine is "Hot Lady". That is rubbish! I bet every women who puts their name in gets something similar!

Not as such Welshy....put Mrs Rock`s name in and Napalm Sweet Cakes came up! I was quite jealous really.
Mrs M's is 'Kid Peacemaker'

She thought it was shite.


Maverick Ironstorm, hmm, not quite what I expected! Good job they dont ask for BMI and phiz levels eh?
I like this, I like this a lot!

Lord Extremist

Fucking hard and authoritive! :D
Welshy53 said:
It is even worse if I put in my middle name..Petite Lynn..w.t.f?
Tried that as well and got:

'Full Metal Skull'

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