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Discussion in 'DIY' started by JT0475, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Not strictly DIY, but wasn't sure where to put this warning.

    Whatever you do, don't buy off these tossers. We ordered a kitchen back in December, and we're still not finished. Their customer service is appalling. When the kitchen arrived, our fitter found that some of the units were the wrong size, not all the plinth panels had arrived, some of the end panels were missing, and the sink was completely wrong. No drama's initially.

    However, come the following Friday, and he's still waiting for the missing pieces, and the granite worktop people haven't been able to measure up because of this, it's getting a little stressful - the two wrong cupboards and the sink were replaced at 7pm on the Friday night - still no plinths.

    Fitter came back on the Saturday to finish off - and then found that one of the shelves was missing from the replacement cupboard. The upshot of all this is that 5 weeks down the line, we're still not finished, they've offered us a paltry £100 compo, and we're losing the plot.

    So, fellow arrsers, I just want to do you a favour and tell you not to order from them, they're shite. Throughout all of this, we've had to chase them, not a single call to let us know what the score is. On Weds last week, they returned a call, to advise that the plinths would be delivered today (Tues) - guess what, not here. Called them - they're being picked up by our fitter on Friday - BASTARD fecking useless twats.

    Going up there for a rant after work tomorrow - so if you're in Bolton come along for a laugh at me going postal.

    Can't complain about the fitter though - he's been brilliant, and to be fair, the goods are high quality, but its all about service, and that's shite.

    OK, rant mode over.
  2. I work next to their factory, it's me who sneaks in at night and screws up the orders!
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  3. I bought a kitched from Wren last year and have to say my experience was the exact opposite from the OP. The kitchen was delivered early and everything i ordered was delivered the first time. Fitting by a local tradesman was a doddle.
    When i had a problem with a self closing mechanism, one call and a couple of emails to the store I ordered from and a replacement was couriered to me and I received a follow up call to check the fault was resolved.
    Previously I've only heard good reports about Wren.
  4. I would honestly hope that we were the exception rather than the rule.

    Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE so I should probably be working....
  5. It may be a coincidence but a seasoned ARRSER has complained about this company and someone with a grand total of 15 posts (at this time) weighs in to balance the picture with a positive message. I dont really believe in coincidences - do you?
  6. Yes Wren kitchens are well known for this.

    Registering sleeper accounts on all forums within internetshire, making several posts in keeping with the particular forum and then waiting to POUNCE once somebody slates one of their kitchens

    They would have got away with it too if it wasn't for you Thelma.
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  7. Spaz, Persec! My Friday/Saturday evening alter-ego was a secret until you just outed me in public to the kitchen buying population at large!
  8. Dont go into the store with the mindset about going postal, be firm, polite and ask them if they find there level of service is acceptable. You may find you get more this way than going postal.
  9. And then go postal.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I generally avoid Wrens, the ******* fat arsed home wreckers.
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  11. Conspiracy theory walt! TBH replacing a kitchen is a major pain even if everything passes off smoothly. We just had the kitchen done and apart from a few small things, everything went to plan. During 2 weeks the house could not be used (dust EVERYWHERE) for a further week the installation/fitting took place and we were without a functioning kitchen for a further week and some things still have to rectified 2 months later. It just is a major pain.
  12. We are about to go through that pain. Good thing most of my diet is not cooked. A week on cheese, biscuits and wine wont hurt me!
  13. The kitchen in my old house was beginning to look a bit shabby. So I sold the house, and bought a new one.
  14. PA, Good idea. I never understood people who buy doer-uppers. Let someone else take the pain!

  15. With a big sign saying Wren kitchens are shit *****!!