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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by VULCmAN009, May 26, 2009.

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  1. This is a follow on from my Pillboxes post:

    Just wondering what sort of military wreckages and relics are in peoples' local areas of Britain. This includes aircraft wrecks, ship wrecks (close to shore), range targets, abandoned tanks and other armour/vehicles and things such as interesting gate guardians.

    To start the ball rolling; In West Sussex there is a wreck of a Churchill tank used by the Canadians as a range target in WW2 (see my pillbox post for a photo!) on the South Downs behind Storrington village. A Hawker Hunter is the gate guardian at Ford airfield. A few metres off shore near Bognor Regis is a wreck of a mulberry harbour. There is also a small landfill site near to the border with East Sussex with supposed remains of a Sherman and several jeeps.

    There are also several boats and landing craft that have been converted into house boats in the River Adur at Shoreham-By-Sea. At Shoreham airport, a prototype Tornado stands guardian.
  2. Not in Britain but the strangest relic/ gate ornament I saw was a Chieftan Tank (in Iraqi colours) next to the gate at an American FOB in Baquba, Iraq. I visited the FOB several times as I was the PPO for a US CSM and on several occasions the Chieftan had moved. I took great delight in pointing out to the CSM that although the tank had probably been sat for a conciderable time it still worked with little or no maintanence.
  3. I remember reading about a Grand Slam bomb gate guardian at an airfield (can't remember where, somewhere up north I think) that stood there for many years, with visitors climbing all over it for photos, etc. When the base was closed down, the demolition team brought in lifting equipment to remove the bomb. However, it was too heavy, so thinking it was full of concrete the team cut a hole in the side to find that it was full of live explosives! The authorities were considering about detonating it, but had a headache trying to find a suitable place. The story ended there, so not sure what the eventual outcome was.
  4. Peak district, fill yer boots:


    Plus former ranges at Crowden, Langsett and Totley; Sir William Hill named after a Civil War officer (not the betting shop); and a monument to Wellington (opposite a monument to Nelson) near Baslow.

    The Sheffield City Battalion was raised and trained at Lodge Moor (West of Sheffield) before they were decimated in WW1. The camp became a POW camp later in WW1 and then was partly rebuilt & used for the same purpose in WW2. Only 1 hut survives intact, now housing a local running club, but foundations of the others can be found in the adjacent woods - spooky. The Bn trained on the nearby Hallam Moors where evidence of the trench systems they dug and trained over still exist.

    Carl Wark is an Iron Age fort near Hathersage where I'm sure some of this site's users first stagged on (Iron, son? Nah - I'll stick with me bronze spear, a bronze spear is a proper spear).

    Churchill Tanks (4000 +) were built near where I work, on the Thorncliffe Estate North of Sheffield. There was one on gate guardian duties here, but sure enough someone realised it was worth money and it was duly sold off to a collector. (I wrote to the local paper but they couldn't be bothered with the story, or indeed to print the letter.) However the trials area survives in Thorncliffe Woods where various ramps, tracks etc survive. If anyone has a spare Churchill tank, let me know, we have an empty plinth here.

  5. Is that the Newton Chambers tank?
    Here's where it was!!
    If so go to Missing Tank on RAC site.
    Also 'Jinx Tank' on RAC site.

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  6. FOB Warhorse?
  7. Thats the one.
  8. Go to 'Jinx Tank' on 'search' at top of ARRSE page for details.
    I too have made many enquiries re missing tank, even to the 'Newton Chambers' Chapeltown history people but no joy, was even recently speaking to Queens Bays veteran who lives in Chapel and he reckoned 'Diddies' pinched it!
    But look up posts I've mentioned you might find them of interest.

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  9. According to my source who I reckon is fairly well placed, the tank was restored by apprentices in a local engineering company for the purpose of gate guarding, years ago. Subsequently the company went bust and the ownership of the tank was passed to whoever got the rest of the assets. It then proceeded to carry on performing its duty until sold to a collector.

    I can't verify any of this but my source seemed very confident that this was the case and it wasn't nicked or scrapped. There was no publicity surrounding the deal - I'm guessing that while it was all above board on paper those involved knew there might be some local objections and wanted it to be low profile.

    On the plus side it is to be hoped that the collector involved takes care of it.

    Personally I'd have made said collector supply something more recent if less relevant - Chieftain maybe? as part of the deal!
  10. I took this picture about 10 years ago ... guess where?

  11. k13eod,

    Is the Bren carrier in the Falkland Islands? There is a selection of them down there left after the second war, including one or two in minefields. There is one on the settlement dump on Pebble Island as well.

  12. From here:

    It backs up Stevers' reseacrch that it was a privately-owned asset sold on by the administrators, not a council flogging a memorial.
  13. You got it mate. These are two of the three that were dumped on Stanley Common and then incorporated in a minefield (note the P4B mine to the right of the central carrier). These three can only really be seen from within the minefield but maybe one day when that is cleared they can be recovered!
  14. There's supposed to be a very rare Ram Kangaroo APC up on the TA at Leek.

    It's in a bog that's now an SSSI, so recovery isn't possible without wiping out a very rare orchid - or so they say...

    PS Any photos would be good!
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