Wrecking bar for doors, gratings etc

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Junk.

    If you look at the publicity photos on the website, you can see that the door isn't locked. The sharp corners around the hole will cut through the pulling strap and the hook is so thin that it'll bend or snap if you put any real force on it.

    Besides, you might scratch the "durable" powdercoated black finish. (Powdercoated finishes scratch really easily).
  2. I must admit that the strap didn't look up to much but thought it might be of interest to somebody.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I've always found that explosives or should a quieter approach be needed shotguns will do the trick!
  4. wtf is the point of those 'demonstration' photos? as putees said, the door isn't locked, and in any case if it were, you'd need a fairly tough back plate to put pressure onto for the 'widowmaker' to function. as for it's grate removal, etc. i thought a length of decent chain would be just as, if not more, effective and a lot easier to acquire.

    all in all, i think it's sh1te. seems to me to be an overglorified weapon rather than a serious tool, and it's name would certainly suggest as much.
  5. I wish I'd never seen it!
  6. Just to rub it in a bit further, the door frame is fixed to a pair of floor runners that are fairly obviously aluminium (nicely made, I might add). These in turn are bolted down with 6 or 8mm anchors, one in each corner. If the tools that are described in the various pages of the site were actually used in anger, the floor runners would be mashed and the anchors would have pulled up. 3mm aluminium will always give way before 6mm steel.

    But that's just an observation. ;)
  7. the strap is probably tough enough but as you need a SUV bit pointless even my limited brain power could figure out how to get into a building with a huge wagon handy :evil:
  8. Want a door opening? Tell a Scouser theres a Plasma screen behind it. :D (Only Joking Before I drown in Lacoste Trackies and Rockports)
  9. PE4, Det Cord, CLC, Blade, pick your poison. Gadgets like that are strictly for amateurs :)
  10. It's also gonna be a bit conspicuous when you're casually strolling along with it down yer strides' leg.

  11. those "quicklinks" look 'uckin dangerous!!!!!!
  12. Not really.

    PE4 = plasticine

    Det Cord = washing line

    CLC = plumbing supplies

    blade = fuzzy felt bits

    alternatively tell the nice policemen that someone is behind the door and they havent paid their council tax, the door will be off its hinges in a jiffy.
  13. mk7 antitank with a bit of pe and a fuze det cord etc against the wall or lobbed through a window might not actually open the door but contents will be fecked so why bother :twisted: